Girls and Boys Wrestling

Girls and Boys wrestling teams go to state comp.

Fremont is excelling in yet another sport! Both our girls and boys wrestling teams both had a triumphant season. The teams this year have been larger and more unique than previous years which only motivated the players even more.

Morgan Mcrae, the girls wrestling squad leader commented, “There are a lot more new people this year, and not any seniors so everyone on the team this year will be on the team next year as well.”

The preparation for the season does not bring simplicity or relief. There are conditioning classes year-round for the teams including: time in the weight room, recreational wrestling, and freestyle matches to make sure they are staying fit and ready during the off-season.

The athletes and the coaches always have their minds on the mat. Wrestling head coach Story said, “Preparations are always a year long process. We make sure that the kids are lifting year around, and it’s been amazing having Coach Black as a strength coach. Off-season wrestling, summer camps, open mats, advertising and recruiting efforts in the junior highs are always major contributions to our preparation.”

Through all of the hard work and training daily it gives the teams a sense of muscle memory and improves their technique by the day. Doing this creates a bigger competitive stance over other players and teams that they are put up against in their matches. Jacee Ross the girls team captain, Logan Hancey the boys state champ, and Coach Para all stated that their biggest advantage against other wrestlers throughout the year was the experience they had obtained in comparison to their competitors.

All of the preparation turned out to be in everyone’s favor by the end of the season. Both our girls and boys wrestling team advanced into state and had great rankings on each team as well. For girls 6A state Kinley Brandley placed 3rd in her weight class, and Payden Knight ranked the same in her specific weight class as well. Boys 6A state there were many competitors who placed top 6th in their weight class being Hadley Platt, Colby Tennant, Kamren Wolft, and Treyson Hunt. Jason worthley ended up placing 2nd in 6A state, and lastly we have our boys state champion Logan Hancey.

Logan Hancey at the State Competition.

Just because of the successes this season followed does not mean there were not hardships everyone had to face and overcome.

Jacee Ross explained, “Gaining confidence with the sport is a big challenge. It is such a hard sport to get into and not very many people can do it, so acquiring that confidence that you can is very difficult.”

Our wrestling teams put their all into the sport they play and had a successful year for teams. Next year they will even maintain this dedicated team and excel once again. Student body, make sure to show support for the Silverwolf Wrestling teams!

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