Spring break shenanigans!

How are you going to spend your spring break?
By Jack Deamer

Spring break is just a sample of what summer is gonna be like, so here are some activities that will be worth your time. Spring break officially starts on the 3rd of April and ends on the 7th. When you include the weekends, it’s a total of 9 days off.

It is important to treat yourself, and spring break is the perfect time to do that. Take your mind off school and chill. That’s what spring break should be: doing something you want to do that isn’t school related.

What you define as fun is up to you, but here are some activities for you guys that wanna stay home and relax. You can watch a movie series like Star Wars, Back to the future, or a TV series South Park, JoJos Bizarre Adventure or The Last Of Us with your friends, family, or all by yourself depending how you feel. Make sure you get snacks to last you all of the break.

Go on a trip to Moab, or Mesquite, which are around 5-6 hour drives from here. Go on hikes and explore the terrain. Feeling super adventurous? Plan a big trip with your friends out of state, fly somewhere and spend a couple days hanging out doing new activities and seeing things you have never seen.

Some of the students and teachers at Fremont are already considering going out of town to visit family.

Hayden Tingey, a junior said, “I am going out of town to see my niece and all my siblings.”

Mrs. Meadors, one of the English teachers, is going back to her roots and visiting her family in California. So many people are going to travel, it is the perfect time to visit. Spring is supposed to be warmer, with the average temperature the first week of April around 60 degrees, and people can’t wait to get outside.

Ogden just has so many things to do, especially on 25th street. We all know and love this place and we all have our favorite places to go. Most of these places are hot spots for students from all different schools.

Some of the hot spots are, Grounds For Coffee, Reborn Vintage, and Green Brick Vintage.

Grounds is a calm environment and great for catching up on homework. They also have more than just coffee. Their hot chocolate is great, and they have fruit chillers and lemonade that will go great with the spring vibes.

Green Brick and Reborn are great places to get some new drip. Green brick being more jewelry based, and Reborn more clothing based. These are more street wear style with Green Brick used for ¨filler¨ rings

Reborns chill inside lounge

Ask the girl you have been dying to go out with on a date.
Take her to some of these hotspots or somewhere new that neither of you have been.

Mr. Checketts, an English teacher, suggests for a day date, “Eat lunch in Ogden on 25th street, but then hop on the Frontrunner at Union station and head to Salt Lake ($5 per person for the whole day). Get off at the Salt Lake Central Station and hop on the Trax. That will take you a few blocks to the Clark Planetarium and you’ll be able to spend hours there with their exhibits and activities–for free! If you want, you can also see a dome theater presentation, or go see a movie at the Megaplex in the same location.” W Rizz.

This spring break, just take some time to yourself and relax so you don’t get burned out. We have very little school left, so let’s not give up now

Grounds for coffee on a average day
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