Fremont Superfan Mike Skorgerboe

Let’s get Mike back in our crowd!

The absence of the familiar face cheering on all our teams has raised concern for the Fremont community. The Fremont Superfan for 29 years, Mike Skorgerboe, is receiving more support than ever since his devastating ankle injury that has kept him out of the stands.

Mike Skorgerboe has maintained the characteristic of school pride at different schools for decades, Fremont High being the school he evidently stuck with. This school became the building, and the community, our superfan chose to dedicate his cheers and encouragement to.

Mike commented about the decision process, “¨We were having problems over at Roy High with sports and attitude problems, so I decided to look for a different school, and I knew that Linda Tass and Gary Reed were gonna be the administrators here at Fremont, and that’s when I decided to switch.¨

Not only does the superfan get recognized by our crowds and administrators, but also by the state. In March of 2019 Utah High School Athletic Association (UHSAA), announced Mike as the states 6A superfan on their twitter account.

¨Mike Skorgerboe, an avid supporter of @THEfremonthigh, is our 6A Super Fan,¨ they posted.

Unfortunately Mike has suffered a tragic injury in the past few months that has prevented his usual attendance at our school games. His dedication to the events is so extreme he walks miles every gameday to a bus stop, then another mile or so to our school. At one of the Layton games he attended he was trying to get to his bus but slipped on the soggy sod from the rain and severely hurt his ankle. His injury almost led to amputation, but they managed to salvage it just in time.

The news spread like wildfire around the halls and throughout the staff and soon enough Fremont’s student body created a GoFundMe in Mike’s honor to assist in the medical costs he now has to face.

The fundraising process was advertised on Instagram pages, Pack-TV, and even a basketball game that was held in Mike’s honor, called Superfan Night. The boys and girls game on Superfan Night was dedicated to Mike, and the theme of the student section even reflected the pride the Silverwolf community feels for him: ¨Superhero.¨ Mike himself attended the games with help from the staff and organization of the coaches.

Mike being announced at the Superfan game by the SBO’s.

Mike was shown support more than ever by the students and faculty at halftime. He reflected on the halftime ovation, saying, ¨It means everything to me that everyone would be that supportive and nice. I’m just a regular person, and the fact that they would be that nice to me is incredible.¨
An announcement and QR code was displayed during the boys halftime to explain Mike’s story and the amount raised increased by $2,000 after the Superfan Night. A feature was even done for this story on KSL.”

The Wolf Pack is something that is more than a school to Mike. He concluded, “Fremont means to me family. Everyone is always extremely great here, always has been right from the beginning, I always come here and feel like I am home,” he said.

Thanks to our welcoming community and fundraising, it is likely we will continue to see our beloved superfan, Mike Skorgerboe, in our stands throughout many more years. We love you, Mike!

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