Silverwolf Sports Spring Into Action

By: Kennedi Canova

Spring sports are rolling in fast here at Fremont. These sports include: lacrosse, girls golf, soccer, track and field, softball, baseball, and tennis. Additionally, the boys volleyball team begins their first official season.

Boys and girls track teams are training hard. Their first meets were held at the beginning of March. Head coach Jackson says, “Even though we took a big hit when we lost last years seniors, who were very talented, our team is improving and only getting better. We have some awesome boys returning to the team this year and lots of new girls that are ready to showcase their talents.”

The tennis teams are currently facing a challenge due to changing seasons and weather. However, they expect the weather to improve greatly towards the middle of their season. Once the weather clears, the boys and Coach Hall anticipate great opportunities to refine their game. 

Brandt Johnson, a junior on Fremont’s tennis team, explains what other challenges tennis players face “If you’re playing doubles in tennis, the challenge is finding a partner that you would do best with. If you’re playing singles then it’s all about finding your groove.” 

Jacob Harris, another junior on the tennis team, explains what his personal season will look like “I started last year as a beginner, so this year I know the fundamentals and can better control the mental side of my play which reduces stress during my matches.”

The baseball team has already started their season, the first game was on March 3. They have an even more exciting season ahead with a game at BYU against American Fork. 

Coach Clark says “We are looking forward to a great season with some very unique opportunities this year in 6A. We will be playing some very big baseball names early on this season which will be fun!” 

Girls golf has worked hard in preparation for their first tournament, which was held on March 14th. Chentra Hickey, a junior on the golf team, says “This year we have had lots of team bonding opportunities and all of our girls love each other. We have grown as a team and our new coach is amazing. We have all improved personally as well!”

Boys lacrosse is excited for their next season with Coach Brad Searle at the helm. Last season they made it to the state championship against Corner Canyon, so they’ll be motivated to shoot for a successful rematch.

The boys volleyball team here at Fremont is off to a great start. Coach Mailoto says “Everyone on the team is soaking in everything so fast, it’s been a quick learning curve that is really impressive and exciting to see.” 

The volleyball teams (varsity, jv, and Sophomore) had their first games on March 13 and they are looking forward to continuing to grow throughout the first boys volleyball season in Fremont history. 

Heading into the spring season with a Junior and Sophomore heavy team, the Ladywolves of Fremont’s softball team is working hard, refining their talents, and growing quickly. Jessica Broadbent, a Junior on the softball team, is currently leading in both batting and on base percentages with a batting average of 0.667 and an on base percentage of 0.750!

Fremont boys soccer has kicked off their 2024 season competing against some challenging teams including Corner Canyon and Lone Peak. They currently hold the #6 spot throughout the state of Utah and the #2 spot in the 6A Utah Division. 

Girls lacrosse is expected to do great this year with lots of hard working girls on the field. Coach Jones says “We have an amazing team this year. Not only do we have some of the top returning players in the state. We have a huge group of new varsity players that have worked really hard in the off season to be able to play varsity this year. With so many newer players it will be a struggle to get them up to speed, but we are excited about the opportunity to grow.” 

Rain Button, a girl on the lacrosse team says “I am super excited to get into the season. We know so many girls from other schools and we are excited to see them and compete against them this year. We do have some tough teams on schedule that will be difficult but we look forward to the challenge!” 

Overall, Fremont students can expect to see some great teams, incredible players, and eventful games/matches throughout this upcoming Spring sports season. We’ll see you on the field!

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