A Glimpse Into the Life of a Dancer

By:Asia Morris

Balancing school, work, and dance can be quite challenging for this dedicated student.

Students continuously struggle to maintain their school life as teenagers, as work is a huge component. Juggling these demands leads to a stress factor. Brianna Painter who is a junior at Fremont High school is dealing with a really tight schedule. On top of work and school she does dance.

Dance companies are often drawn to the younger starters in the industry. As they are gained with more experience from their earlier start. Bri started at a later stage as the recommended. She started off with soccer and used a lot of her time in that sport instead of dance. She soon discovered her love for the industry. Bri states. “You don’t have to be the best dancer in the world or the room, you just have to have the best work ethic.” Although she started later her willingness to work allowed her to keep up with the dancers and enjoy dance.

Bri has advanced greatly in the industry compared to her start at a later age. She is a contemporary modern dancer. This style is an expressive line of dance. This emotional style is very expressive and compliments Bris technique. Ms.Foutz the dance teacher at Fremont High School states. “The emotional aspect of dance is, in my opinion, the most important. It requires vulnerability, an ability to express, and project it out to the audience members. It can be difficult but it’s more freeing and enjoyable to dance with emotion.” The audience can connect with the dancer through expressive movements.

When Bri started substituting she realized she loves to not only dance but also teach. 

Teaching dance is a dream for her and she enjoys working with the kids. Teaching is not her only dream, Bri decided to take her shot for a modeling gig. Soel DanceWear is a local Utah brand that Bri modeled for. She got chosen out of the 4 girls and she was in shock. This opportunity gave Brianna advertising to colleges and they started to notice Bri opening a future for dance. She recommends taking modeling opportunities even if you think you aren’t going to make it. Brianna’s journey as a dancer continues. In the dance industry there is always something to work on and create.  Ms.Foutz states about Bri.    “ …she has improved her control in every aspect of dance. Turns, leaps, tricks, you name it.“ Through her expressive movements of dance she becomes a storyteller. A high future embarks with her opportunities. Events coming up are the Spring Dance concert on April 30th, and a festival March 16th. Support your wolves watch a dance performance emotionally connecting with the dancer, to not only enjoy more but to relate.

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