Highlighting Fremont Cheer

This year’s cheer team has come far this season. Mrs. Schofield expresses how proud she is of the team this year. 

“I know how hard they work and I know how talented they are. I’m very well aware of what they bring to the mats”. 

To understand more about cheer, Mrs. Schofield shares how the cheer team made it into State after competing in Region and doing a fantastic job taking 5th place overall. 

“They do all classifications 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A, and then they are divided into two classifications which would be All Girl and Co-ed, then depending on how you do at region then you earn the opportunity to advance to go to state.” 

Fremont High School 2023-2024 Cheer Team
Photo Taken by: Ceryl Curtis

Fremont’s cheer team is proud of three specific individuals who were chosen for the All-State team.

Mrs. Schofield the head coach adds, “We also had three of our kids that were selected for the All-State team for cheer and that’s 

2024 Cheer Team Picture 

Photo Taken by: Ceryl Curtis                 

Halle Oliver, Tayln Evans, and Shay Meyerhoffer.” 

Shay Meyerhoffer also takes one of the top three in 6A for jump off. The girls worked so hard all season and are really happy they have gotten to where they are. 

Tayln Evans explains a long process of how the day went for the girls from morning until the end of the day. She said they all had to go to school at 7:00 am then meet back at the school at 3:30. The team left around 4:00 and the first routine was at 6:30 then at 6:45 was the second. Lastly, the dance routine was at 8:45, their day ended around 11:45 pm. Cheer has a lot of dedication especially going through such a long day. 

The Fremont team also has rivalries with multiple other cheer teams. “On the mat we are highly competitive against each other.” While it may seem harsh, it has a wholesome twist to it. “Off the mat it’s not unusual to be hanging out and cheering each other on.” Even being direct rivals, the cheerleaders often end up supporting other teams as well.

The team is very satisfied with the 5th place they secured. “5th place was fantastic” Mrs. Schofield stated. The cheer team has worked a lot and it is starting to show.  

“I was super proud, they left everything they had out there and they represented Fremont very well. ” Mrs. Schofield says enthusiastically about the team this year. 

Halle Oliver, a senior and all-star cheerleader this year gives advice for the future cheerleaders of Fremont. “I think the biggest advice would be to put in the work now and if you love it it will love you right back and you will enjoy the season.” This highlights how the team did at the competition and how hard work pays off. 

Cheer team cheering at the football games. 

The Team holding up their Chant Signs
Photo Taken By: Coach Schofield

 Tayln Evans, mentions as another part of advice for our upcoming cheerleaders. 

“Never stop working, and never settle after making the team. Always be progressing to better yourself and your skills. Always try to get one step above.” 

Jancee Hancock expresses how happy she was with the team. “I am really proud of what we put out on the floor.” 

The 2023 and 2024 cheer teams represented Fremont amazingly at the competition. We are happy to see them do so well this year thanks to the amazing coaches, and environment. 

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