Girls Basketball

The girls basketball team has worked hard for an upcoming successful season!

The scene of flying ponytails and chimes of squeaky shoes comes to fill the student body’s visual once more this year as our girls basketball season arrives. The team has been working vigorously to improve stats and technique since the previous season.

Fremont sits in 6A region and as of now the girls basketball team sits at 6-7 overall. We are just getting into the season and what will come of the athletes in this league. Preparation and dedication have already been strongly represented and practiced within the team.

Syncere Langston, one of the captains, explains, “This year we have had to take a different approach to practice and games because our team is so young and small. We have had to learn what works best for our current team, which wasn’t necessarily what worked previous years.”

Work ethic has been a high priority and overall focus for this year’s team. The goal for these girls isn’t to win but to improve with each other as one and most importantly, connect with each member. 

Coach Dalebout emphasizes this concept, “Our biggest strength as a team consists of disciplined work ethic, determination for improvement, support from teammates, and being tough in hard situations. Our overall goal this year is to simply improve everyday and make one another better.” 

Syncere Langston added, “We are very resilient, there have been many times when we have taken some hits and hardships that others may have given up from. But we have learned to use this as our motivation. Our quote we follow is “turn wounds into wisdom,” and everyday we take a hit we try to remind ourselves that this is us building our team.”

Our girls team has a hard and long season ahead of them that our student body has no doubt they can overcome. Lady Silverwolves, we will be in the crowds cheering you on and watching you conquer this upcoming season!

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  1. I really liked this article from author “Jarvis”. I was glad that it covered the girls basketball team so other know how great they are! The quote by Syncere Langston was very inspirational to me. I love our lady wolves and I love the paw print!

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