Why students should join MESA and DECA

MESA and DECA held events this September. DECA (Distributive Education Club of America, an Association of Marketing Students), hosted an event at Neptune Skating in Ogden. MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement) making lava lamps. These club events are a big part of getting together and promoting more people to join for next year. 

Angeline Cowley who is a Sophomore, enjoys being able to have a robotics team with such a greeting environment. MESA deals with critical thinking, and understanding how to put the puzzle pieces together. A big part of the critical thinking used in MESA is coding. Coding is a technique which is used to help control the robots movements. Coding is a list of written instructions identifying how and where the robot moves. MESA puts a lot of time and effort into the projects, as they continue to try and succeed throughout competitions.

MESA is a club that deals with robotics and interactive projects. Fremont’s MESA was founded by Cheyenne Hardy and Ashton Blodnick, who are both seniors. They decided to do MESA in High School because they wanted to create an academic environment that everyone could join. 

Cheyenne Hardy states that she wanted to view MESA in a more positive light, not just for herself but for others. To create a more upbringing positive message Cheyenne became president. Becoming president allowed Cheyenne to not only create this new light but be an inspiration for more girls to join MESA.

In junior high, Cheyenne was in MESA and noticed how the majority were boys. Because MESA is a male dominated club, she wanted to change that, and has as she is president of MESA. The space Cheyenne and other members of MESA created allows an equal opportunity for everyone. Cheyenne wants to tell other students that are girls to not be scared to join and that it is a fun and welcoming environment. 

MESAs funds go to upcoming future events such as SeaPerch. SeaPerch provides a lot of opportunities to students. SeaPerch is a robotics obstacle course that competes with other schools and teams. If you achieve beating the other teams in the competition you can get a Scholarship up to $1000. Angeline Cowley added that SeaPerch is a great opportunity to take.

Avery Ryan, a senior who is a member of DECA, says her favorite thing about DECA is getting to Compete. Competing is a way that DECA uses to debate with other teams learning new life experiences. Although your club members are also your competition, it creates a more fun learning environment. 

Through competition Cooper Jolley a Senior states, “Everyone is competition, but it is still very fun to be around everyone and learn from each other.” Cooper Jolley has said DECA has allowed him to become more confident to speak publicly and interview people. DECA offers ways to connect with different people that work in the real workspace, gaining an understanding of the business world. The business field produces products to customers. To be able to sell that product is the meaning of business. Everywhere you turn there is a business it is the way you provide and incorporate new ideas that will determine the next upcoming. 

Neptune Skating was  a community event DECA hosted. It was a quick and easy entry that was only $5. The amount paid from the students went to the club funds. The event was a lot of fun and skating with everyone was very enjoyable. The participants who went to the Neptune Skating event had a great time. There are more events to come from DECA and will continue to be enjoyable events. 

Future events include, Aggie invite which is on the 17th of October. The Aggie invite is an event held by Utah State’s Business Department, it creates an opportunity for DACA students to be able to be awarded in business related areas. Weber Biz is in November which is a business administration that prepares future business students for their future full-time job. The events DECA plan are to help students future succeed which open up more possibilities.

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