Unity Day

Fremont and Weber School District all come together to bring awareness and encourage unity among the student body. 

Unity day is a selected time chosen to raise knowledge about the awful problem of bullying inside the community. It is celebrated from a district-wide initiative and our school’s club, The Hope Squad, was asked to plan activities to draw more attention from our students. 

The activities that were held were ping pong, corn hole, and a big paper chain of student names who had pledged to stand up to bullying. It was held during lunch to gain more of the student body’s participation.

This day isn’t only for the topic of bullying, but simply creating a sense of unity inside our school. Though with unity there becomes more confidence and evidently less harm from peers.       

Ms. Johnson, counselor at Fremont and the Hope Squad Director, said, “Getting the message out there and making people aware that this actually happens at Fremont. Sometimes when you know you’re not alone in something you are more brave so maybe that will give students the courage to stand up for something. “

The spread of the message may assist in students’ feelings though they count. Helping everyone gather together makes them feel more like they are a part of something special, and that is how this school can make a difference.

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