K4k fundraisers

K4K, also known as cash for kids, is a fundraiser held for children that struggle to afford Christmas, annually at Fremont high school where classes, groups, clubs, teachers, secretaries, counselors, and admin have a chance to volunteer to make a basket of their choice, and they donate it.

The Student Government organizes the raffle that we know and love and they announce who has won the baskets at the winter assembly in December. Alongside the baskets and raffle, this year they are also holding a dodgeball tournament on February 3rd at 12pm.

These baskets can range from something as simple as a Christmas basket with hot cocoa and a selection of movies, to a gym basket full of protein shakes and headphones, or even for the class the brave enough a basket that can even include a video game console. Last year and this the year before they had well over 30 baskets. People around the community, students, and parents also participate in donating. The student body government has raised in the range of $6-8 thousand.

After a certain amount of time, these baskets are held on a raffle ticket style bidding where someone can buy however many raffle tickets and have a chance to win that basket. So if it’s something that might pique your interest you would buy as many raffle tickets as you’d like, the more tickets you have the better chance of winning the basket. The money raised from these tickets go to kids in need in Fremont High School

Kash for kids is a great way to engage teenagers, for the reason that they might put in more money for the basket, but it also increases the money going to the kids and the chances of them winning that basket. Even if they do not end up winning that basket, they can rest easy knowing that it is going to a good cause.

This year alongside the normal baskets, they are also holding a dodgeball tournament where the entry is $5 per person. Students who sign up get to make their own teams of up to 6 people and duke it out in the gym with dodgeball. It is going to be in an original tournament style where there are brackets and there is a grand and final winner. All the earnings and proceeds are all going to the kids in need.

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