Gaming should be about fun, not money-driven

Most people have a routine to unwind and take their mind off what’s going on around them, one of these creative solutions being video games. Playing a game with your friends or even finally beating the boss you have been stuck on for a couple days is a liberating feeling.

However, in recent years, games have focused more on trying to make money than just releasing a cookie cutter game where you pay a price and get the game and everything it offers. Nowadays you have to buy the battle pass to unlock the new character or you have to spend a certain amount of money to get the new maps. With most Call of Duty games making you pay for the DLC maps every 3 months or so.

Some games even become pay-to-win with you spending a certain amount of money to have the newest and the best gear to take down your opponents. Like destiny and even mobile games like clash royale having you pay or do grind that by the time you are done it is nerfed. This is frustrating with a lot of gamers wanting to enjoy the game and have the game be more skillful then “I just got the new gear that allows me to take more damage.” leaving players frustrated and broke. The games are no longer a way to wind down, but a way to blow all your money.

Playing with your friends has always been a key factor to having a good time while playing games. Getting a group of friends together to play the competitive mode or play the story together has always been the pinnacle of gaming. This has started to be harder in the past year or two with games not being split screen or games not being cross play with everyone having a different preferred device they want to play on. 

Consoles are also an issue with them releasing a new one about every 5 years, and even getting more expensive. But if you don’t have the new console you won’t be able to play the top of the line games without your console starting to sound like an airplane engine. With the reliable solution being a PC science you can just upgrade your parts and have access to most games except console exclusives.

The gaming community is fed up and wants games that, when you buy them, you get everything without having to spend an extra $40 on more of the game. We just want games that we can play with friends and that don’t have to blow our life savings to just have fun, or keep up with the competition. Hell Divers 2 is a great example of High quality gaming, which needs to make a comeback soon before the players start getting more and more irritated with the big companies; we want more games that are cookie-cutter fun.

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