Why people choose thrifting

Clothing is a way to style your personality and characterize yourself. Trends are a huge part of fashion and they come and go rapidly. 

Some trends now that we have are baggy jeans, camo wear, cargo pants, jorts, and crochet clothing. These trends we are seeing now have a high chance to not be popular in 5 years or less. As these come we center ourselves at shops that can utilize our clothing needs . 

A lot of places that students choose to shop at are Hollister, Shein, Zumiez, Amazon and more. These are great places to shop but also create a huge mass of clothes causing Landfills to grow, we label these stores as fast fashion.

The best place to resort to your shopping habits is thrifting. Thrifting became a movement last year, and has been becoming less popularized, as people find it easier to find clothing at fast fashion industries. Thrifting is a better resort to your shopping habits, this is because a lot of fashion trends from the past are even trending now, and even more will come back in the future. Older trends tend to come back as they are our older inspiration and a crutch now and forever. 

People view high end stores as easier, but in reality the company cares more about image, more than the quality of the clothes. Brands chose to exasperate their quality of items saying they are eco-friendly, helping their image through a lie of promotion. This is called greenwashing, which is deceiving consumers so they believe it is a positive environmentally sustained company. When in reality the label is for profit, not for an environmentally healthy space. High end brands are way more expensive than a $2 shirt from the DI. 

Because of the affordable prices thrifting provides, people have been making their own businesses, reselling at the same price the high end stores advertise. Reselling thrift clothes has been becoming more and more popular as vintage clothing has been held more on a pedestal. Apps like Depop and Etsy have been marketing thrift clothes on their sites. Reselling is a great way to make money. Other stores you can sell your own clothes at are, Fashion Runway, Plato’s Closet and Indy Clover. The original price is a lot cheaper than the price marketed, making merchandising a lot easier, even for teenagers.

Some students admitted that they spend a lot of money at high end stores. Sam Carver, a Junior said she shops at small boutiques, but can walk out with 1 or 2 items costing her $50. This shows how overpriced stores can be compared to thrift stores. Broc Bitton who is a senior prefers thrifting over shopping, at regular stores. His preferred store is Savers. On average he spends only $20 for 2 shirts and 1 pair of pants. Compared to high end, $20 is a lot cheaper for 3 items compared to only 1 shirt for $40.

Thrifting isn’t just helping the environment but also students who are broke. Thrifting is fun and a cheap option. Trying thrifting once can’t hurt anyone or your wallet. The most important thing is to have fun with it, create your own outfits and alter it to your liking. Fremont go thrifting!

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