Fremont 30 years!

We all leave Fremont, but Fremont will never leave us.

This school year, 2023-2024, Fremont High School has officially reached 30 years of being up and active. In these 30 years the silverwolf community has seen highs and lows, success and failures, but most importantly it has seen each and every member grow with the new changes that we have had to face.

Throughout the 3 decades, while also welcoming many new educators, we have maintained members of the faculty and staff from the very beginning. Mr. Erisoty and Mr. Anderson have stayed at Fremont since the opening in 1994. We have also brought back previous members, Mr. Melany was the first graduating class and is now the boys basketball coach here.

Taken by Will Burton.
Taken by Will Burton.

The school itself has changed quite a bit within these years. There has been new construction inside of the building like new floors, the new doors in the commons, remodeling of the cafeteria, new mats in the gyms, etc. The new C hall was also a whole new addition to the school in 2018-2019 we had to provide as the population in students increased.

The use and advancements in technology has been gradually changing and improving as well. From computer labs, to tablets, to smartboards, and now individual chromebooks.

 Mr. Melany comments on the development of tech in Fremont.“Technology has advanced significantly, we were lucky to go to the computer lab. We didn’t have our phones or stuff like that, lots of bookwork and writing”

Regardless of all of the silverwolf community’s growth, the love and passion has stayed with the staff and students each step of the way. The logo and bold colors of this school continue to be recognizable and nostalgic.

 Mr. Erisoty explains the importance of love for Fremont.“I like wearing the Silverwolf logo around town and I bump into many graduates who have awesome jobs now and families and homes, and that is such a reward to see that. You could be going into Lowe’s and somebody is a manager of lowes now. They’ll always say, “Hey do you remember me?” and I go, “I remember you but what year!” They say like 97, and it’s so cool the connection with the community and that respect it still has”

Even with the new school joining next year in 20204-2025, Fremont will continue to inspire another 30 years. Thank you Fremont for all the memories these past decades. As Mr. Erisoty says, It’s been a wonderful ride!

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