Who’s ready for take off!

A new piloting program just opened up in Goodyear, Arizona.

This program is made possible by United Airlines. In this program they are trying to train as many people to be pilots as they can. This is due to the commercial pilot shortage and just not having enough people that want or can be pilots.
How do you join?
There’s an age limit of 18, and the Federal Aviation Administration does mandate that United pilots retire at age 65. So from 18 to 65 you are good to fly. Experience isn’t an issue; their goal is to try and take ordinary people with little-to-no experience and turn them into Pilots.
Anyone who is accepted into the academy has the chance of a scholarship. They don’t care about gender or race as long as applicants are trained pilots. The scholarship funds are distributed through four partner organizations: Black Aerospace Professionals, Sisters of the Skies, the Latino Pilots Association, and the Professional Asian Pilots Association.
What is the course like?
The whole course takes a year to complete, with training taking up to 3 months of studying and practice. These courses include private pilot training, which takes around 2 months to complete, and multi-engine instruction takes 1 month.
If Arizona is too far from home for you, there are different aviation programs in Utah!
Utah has some of the best aviation programs like the ATP program at Ogden-Hinckley Airport. They have been supplying airline pilots for major companies for 35 years, according to their website.
Another program to consider for pilot training is SUU (Southern Utah University). This program has a wide range of subjects, like aircraft technician, helicopter pilot, and airline pilot. SUU has the highest altitude university flight school in the country according to T-Bird Nation Blog.
These schools and programs are only some options, there are many more options in Utah and outside of utah. Hope this article helped you narrow your choices and maybe opened more opportunities.

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