Fremont’s Bathrooms Ranked

By: Adee McClain and Micheal Durrant

Fremont’s bathrooms: funky or fresh?

After visiting the school’s bathrooms, it is easy to tell that there are big differences between them. Some are fairly disgusting, while others are Maverick-level quality bathrooms. Here’s the deep-dish on something you would not want in a deep-dish: 

The upstairs C bathroom is the best of the bathrooms, no gross urinals, new, and it actually looks clean. It’s just on another level. It is ranked number 1 on the list of which bathroom is the best. The downstairs C-bathroom, however? It was so horrifyingly gross that it isn’t recommended for use, even in emergencies. This could be because it is most easily accessed from the ground floor, so it gets used more often throughout the day. It would be number 6 on the list.

The upstairs B hall boy’s bathrooms were horrible. They were dirty and dark, not at all enjoyable even to be in. It’s at least usable, so it enjoys the rank of number 4. Those that identify as girls are luckier, however, and catch a break in the  B-hall bathroom upstairs. Still not great, but usable. Downstairs in the B hall bathroom wasn’t much better for girls, but a big improvement for the boys. The toilets even have automatic flushers, which upstairs does not have. Definitely number 3 on our list.

The locker room bathrooms were pretty good for the boys: clean, not busy, and actually looked nice. However, a total “crap” show for the girls. Those that go into the girls locker room bathroom should prepare to be grossed out. It really just feels uncomfortable. It sits at number 5 on the list.

In 7th place, the Gym bathrooms were equally unusable in different ways. They’re both hotter than normal. In the girls bathroom, it was decent. It wasn’t bad, but it was a little bit older and therefore, dirtier.  If given a choice, choose to not use the gym bathrooms. The boys had stains on the toilet seats and it was equally as hot again. 

For the F-hallway, the girls bathroom was open, clean, and nice, even better than the upstairs C hall bathroom. The boys bathroom in the F hall was solid, but  a little gross, especially after lunch time. It ranks second purely because there were plenty of stalls, therefore, no lines. 

This is merely based on how Fremont students treat each bathroom. Thank you to all the Fremont janitors who work hard and long to make our school a better place. All in all, if you get a choice, choose the C-hall upstairs bathrooms, and stay as far away as you can from the gym bathrooms. In the end, things could change if we students work harder at keeping this school clean and comfortable.

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