Latinos in action

How Latinos in Action are Making a Difference in our School

Latinos in Action (LIA) is a class that was created to provide  a place for some of the minority population in our school to have a place to go have class that is specifically for embracing their cultures. 

To have an opportunity to get out of the classroom, they regularly go help the elementary students in nearby schools with math or anything they need help with. 

They also learn about after school ideas, college, jobs and other post-high school opportunities so they have an idea of what they’re doing. 

They bring in guest speakers to talk about and discuss classes to take that give college credits. LIA is a way for them to see what possibilities there are outside of school or do things that are greater than themselves.

Mylah, the vice president commented “I just mainly want to help out, I have taken the class for 4 years and I always have been on top of everything, and I believe that me and Marlyn, the president,  work really well together”.

Latinos in Action advisor and Spanish teacher, Mr. Samspon was originally asked to lead it years ago, but he had 8 Spanish classes, so he didn’t have any room in his schedule. However, after the old LIA leader left, the school offered him the spot and he finally got the role. 

Sampson and the administration have set a goal to have more students join LIA and join the community. He loves leading LIA, they have multiple student leaders in class which include: The class president, the vice president, a social committee, professional committee, service committee, and a vice president leading each of the committees.

This year, senior Marilyn Rosas is the LIA president, and junior Mylah Silva is Vice president.

LIA President, Marilyn Rosas said, “We have helped by organizing a fundraiser and saving money, the fundraiser was to have funds for in-class activities, to get LIA jackets and things like that. Our class is mainly to plan different activities to help within our school or community, and we also go tutor the elementary and just help students in general.”

 When they go tutor they get assigned certain students that are having trouble  in certain areas, some of them help with math, and most of them help with reading  they sit there and listen to them. They only help elementary students.

Mylah says, “I joined LIA because I always wanted to help out in a way and it makes me feel better about myself in general.” 

Marlyn joined LIA at first “Because I thought LIA would be a fun class and, since it is also offered in the junior highs, I have taken it every year since the 8th grade. I love it and I love helping out, love having a voice and just being able to participate and help in ways I didn’t know I could.”

Marlyn, the president of LIA, decided to be a class leader because she believes “That I can motivate my peers around me and help the class out, if someone doesn’t know what to do I could give them ideas and help keep their class organized”.

Mylah wanted to because “I just mainly want to help out, I have taken the class for 4 years and I always have been on top of everything, and I believe that me and Marlyn work really well together”.

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