Taylor Swift Breaks Records

Taylor Swiftś new album is breaking records left and right!

Taylor Swift released a new album called “Midnights” on October 21st, which reminisces 13 of her most sleepless nights in her life. Along with the original album she added an addition of her “3 a.m.” tracks with 7 other songs added to the original album.

It didn’t take long for this album to break records and gain streams. In a matter of a few days after release, Taylor placed in all of the top 10 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 from her new album, her popular song titled “Anti-Hero” being first on the chart. Taylor is also the first woman with the most top 10s in the charts history with 40. The streamings of this album did not disappoint.

Sign outside Staples Center for sold out performance, Photo by Wikimedia Commons.

Lauren Huff, a writer for Entertainment Weekly, discusses the amount of streams Taylor earns in a matter of days.“After just four days, Midnights had the biggest streaming week of the year so far, with 357 million on-demand official streams (which combines audio and video), per Billboard.”

Taylor is the third-largest streaming week for an album because of this, and is now the largest for a female artist in history. But she doesn’t stop there.

Spotify saw the most streams in one day in history for Midnights, making Taylor the most streamed artist in 24 hours in history of Spotify.Taylor continues to break the record for “ Biggest pop album of all time on Apple Music by first-day streams.” Taylor doesn’t stop there with her accomplishments now coming left and right including her vinyl sales for the album reaching a record breaking 575,000.

Taylor at her Red Tour, Photo by Wikimedia Commons.

Following the success of this release Taylor announced her “Era’s tour” starting in February describing it as “a journey through the musical eras of her career”. Additionally she ended up adding 17 tour dates to the originals. Midnights has caused all the Swiftes out there to go crazy and await the presale dates.

The disastrous process of the sale was something that is now being brought into the view of higher attention.

Kaetlyn Litty from CNBC tells us, ¨But last month, many of those “verified fans” seeking tickets were subjected to hourslong waits and a website that sometimes crashed, sending them back to the beginning of a virtual queue with thousands ahead of them.¨

Taylor even addressed the issue of the sales saying, ¨”We asked them, multiple times, if they could handle this kind of demand and we were assured they could,” being her statement regarding ticketmaster for the first time since her tour sales. The issue has even ventured over to higher powers in this country because of the dominance it has now placed.

Francessca Dillet from Entertainment Weekly states, ¨And last month, US President Joe Biden – who has expressed concern that monopolies have become more common across the economy – said his administration would look into fees on concert tickets.¨

Taylor Swift has once again amazed her fans with new success and inspiration even with the chaos of her sales. What records will she conquer next?

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