Prom Proposals Begin March 1st

Students at Fremont High School started something new this coming year. Johnny Poulson, a member of the junior student government, says that the student government decided that this year’s prom proposals could not be proposed before March 1st. Should a timeline and due date be necessary for prom this year or not? 

Reflecting on why they decided not to ask before March 1st, Atley Mitchell, a junior student officer says, “Sometimes people ask super early and end up going with people they don’t wanna go with.” 

Students tend to worry and ask maybe too early, and their plans could change by the time prom actually comes. Although it seems that it is never too late to ask people to prom, it could be too early. 

Johnny Poulson, junior, and SBO says this can be a good stress inducer for everyone. 

“It gets pretty crazy when people ask the day after the previous dance.”Atley Mitchell adds. 

These types of issues tend to happen a lot for high school dances. So by not asking before march first, this could be a good outcome. 

“Once we explain why we decided to make a date to ask, a lot of people think it makes sense.”                Johnny Poulson claims. 

Students tend to either overthink asking someone to a dance or underthink it. The student government believes that by asking people after March 1st it should be enough time to at least buy a dress and have planned out the date for prom. 

Prom this year is on April 20th so that gives students around fifty days to ask someone to a dance and be able to have a dress. For some people that may sound stressful and for others it may not. 

Johnny Poulson claims that the SBO’s aren’t forcing anyone to do anything but just suggesting this date. 

Johnny Poulson says, “It’s not like we are enforcing it on people either, because people are going to do what they are going to do.”

 It is preferred that people start to ask after March 1st because of various issues and complaints from past students. 

Hailey Palmer, another junior officer this year, says that students often complain about not going with the person they want to go with because they got asked too early. Being asked to prom too early is a common thing. That’s why the student gov decided on March 1st to start asking people to prom. 

Asking someone to prom after March 1st can be viewed both ways in everybody’s eyes, whether it’s seen as a good thing or bad thing. 

Fremont appreciates the student government and how they thought through this common issue most students face by asking students to ask after March. This date helps form a socially acceptable timeline for dance proposals now, and in the future. 

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