Paw prints first finger painting party!

The paw print hosted a finger painting competition the 19th of October to all clubs willing to participate. This took place in room B225. We Hosted a practice attempt with Pack Tv with the Paw Print winning the first painting (Fall activities) and Pack Tv taking the second one (Life at Fremont.) 

Paw Print staff setting up/

Setting it up was easy. We moved the desks to the corner of the room trying to make it more spacious for all the people that were participating, then placed down alot of tarps so we protected our carpet.

Clubs painting.

The clubs that participated were E sports, NAHS Yearbook German club, Dance company and debate. The first topic was just halloween seeing what festive and spooky things each club would do. The second topic was just Fremont activities seeing the different perspectives of each club. Then last and not least we asked the clubs to paint something that represents their clubs, and let me tell you it was fantastic to see all the clubs find a way to represent themselves with just some finger paint. 

At the end there were a lot of laughs and messes that were made. So we had to clean up our room, put back the desks, and clean up the paint and we talked about all the paintings and how good each club did.

That was paw prints first finger painting club activity and we definitely had a good time doing and want to maybe do more in the future this year and the years coming. Thank you to all the clubs that participated and hope to see you at a future event!

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