A Guide to Adulting

Fremont’s class of 2021 has some advice and knowledge to pass on to the 2022 graduating class.

I asked recent graduates if they had any advice for students who will be graduating and becoming “adults” this year. Answers to this question varied widely. One response recommended that students, “Find out where your financial support will be as soon as you can.” Another student said to “look at all the possible scholarships you can apply for.” And, she said that, if you don’t have to take a gap year, she doesn’t recommend it. In her opinion because she went straight from high school to college it helped her to adjust better. Yet another student said that her advice was, “to focus on the now. Don’t become-hyper focused about what you did or didn’t do in high school or the grades you did or didn’t get.” She said that, “they really don’t hold as much meaning past high school.”

Senior year of high school is the year students begin entering adulthood, which can be a bit daunting. Luckily, other people have experienced the same choices and decisions that are coming in the next year. Several past students from Fremont’s class of 2021 were asked a few questions about entering adulthood, and were given the opportunity to pass on any advice they may have to current students.

Many people wonder what the biggest challenge is about becoming an adult.  One former student, who is currently attending Utah State University, answered that the biggest challenge was “figuring out financials.” He mentioned how important it can be to have a financial “cushion” before moving to college if you want to be more financially independent. 

Another student also listed financials as the biggest challenge of adulthood. She explained how when students have a job, it can be difficult to not spend money on hanging out with friends or eating out or going on dates. Then she states that it is vital to be able to budget enough to pay for schooling, rent, savings, and groceries as well as for fun.

Something else seniors consider as they prepare for life after high school is what the best part of adulting is.  Every student mentioned the increased freedom that becoming an adult offers. One student added the warning that with increased freedom comes the necessity of increased self-discipline. She explained the importance of being able to manage time and any and all responsibilities that come with adulthood.

Good luck to any and all students entering this new stage of life, remember that there are so many people that can help with any questions or concerns. Mr. Hancock, the Financial Literacy teacher at Fremont High, is a great resource for any questions concerning finances. The school counselors are also great resources. 

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