A Quick Guide to Scholarships

Looking for scholarships may seem daunting, but hope is not lost. Scholarship hunting may be easier than you think.

Most students planning to attend college have probably already been told the importance of scholarships, meaning that each student already has a voice in the back of their heads telling them to start applying for scholarships. But who actually listens to those voices? Looking for and applying for scholarships can be hard work and it’s usually no fun, and students don’t want to put in that work.

Luckily there are many websites, groups, organizations, and people willing to help students find and apply to many scholarships.

One simple resource to learn about scholarships is the school counselors. These people have information about many scholarships they can give to students. Another person at Fremont High who can help students learn about scholarships is the school scholarship advisor, Cora White. . Asking anyone in the counseling office, or the main office about scholarships could be a wonderful and rather easy way to learn about scholarships.

Some other ways to learn about scholarships is the wonderful world-wide web. Simply Googling questions like, “How to apply to scholarships”, “Scholarships for Utah High School Students”, “Scholarships for High School Juniors”, or any other similar question will bring up information about where to find scholarships and how to apply to them.

 It can also be beneficial to look into websites that find scholarships for students. Groups like Bold.org, ScholarshipOwl, ScholarshipPoints, and many others are great resources. Students can create profiles on these accounts about their qualifications and experiences, and the website will find scholarships that are available to the student and then inform the student about those scholarships; where they can be found, and how to apply.

Anyone planning on attending a college or university should look into scholarships available to them. Students should talk to their counselors about scholarships, and possibly even create an account on an online platform to find scholarships. It’s never too early to find and apply for scholarships.

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