DECA and FBLA are constantly taking new members

 Fremont High Schools Business and Marketing clubs and what they can do for you.

DECA and FBLA are two clubs that are teaching students around the world  valuable business skills. Deca and FBLA have been around for nearly 75 years.  They have helped many students succeed in the business world. Both clubs cover and teach business skills, but in different ways. 

Deca focuses on communication skills and idea creation; this is done primarily through situation roleplays. For instance, they could be given a scenario where they are asked to develop an ad campaign due to a new study. This pushes the students to think outside the box and most importantly do it quickly and efficiently as they are only given ten minutes to read the scenario, devise a plan, and then write down any necessary notes. 

FBLA takes on a different approach by mainly focusing on statistics and problem solving, while both DECA and FBLA do have problem solving aspects, FBLA takes it to a whole new level. FBLA gives students who are great at problem solving and test taking, but not that good at communicating, a great opportunity to thrive in the business world. 

At Fremont High School, DECA and FBLA clubs were both in session during covid. Rex Kirkman the president of Fremont Deca says “The pandemic year was interesting because events were virtual and it was hard to get new members to join. Compared to this year’s competitions, they are in person and we get to travel a little to other schools which gets more people interested.” 

Joining both DECA and FBLA will give students the best all around business knowledge and most of the competitions and events are at the same venue, they account for members being in both clubs. 

Overall, DECA and FBLA are great clubs that can give a student the edge over others during interviews and other real world scenarios. Anyone  interested in the business field should highly consider these clubs, to get more information about joining, go to the office. 

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