Homecoming, The Fremont Way

By: Adee McClain, Jack Deamer, Lily Bates

In case anyone missed some of the awesome activities during Homecoming week, here is a recap of the activities that went on.

At the chalk art festival, there were so many amazing pieces to see. People had such great ideas for what to work on in their square.  

Photo Credit: Jack Deamer

 ¨A whole new world¨ Had a big inspiration on some of the people at the chalk art to the point where they included characters from aladdin. Others went on their own path and drew whatever they wanted. 

Overall it was a very awesome experience to see and participate in.

At the parade, there were tons of floats from clubs and classes. There were so many people that were there to enjoy each group’s creativity. There were even some kids from the community excited to get the candy we were throwing out.  It was amazing to see everyone and their support for the parade.

Photo Credit: Jack Deamer

The parade was an amazing experience for everyone.

The students at Fremont were invited to watch Aladdin in the auditorium. This event was definitely different from your normal experience with people cheering on the main protagonist and booing at the villin. Overall a good time and if you didn’t go then you missed out.

The football game was close and we ended up making a comeback and winning the game. Super fun and they did fireworks for our touchdowns making it a little different form the other games. Overall a great experience!

Photo Credit: Marlie Hansen

The Football team played Syracuse for homecoming, walking away with a 27-17 victory against the Titans. However, there is more to the game than just the players on the field. 

The Football game was pretty fun, but what really mattered more than whether or not we won, or we lost was how much school spirit we have! When looking over at the student section, there are students laughing and cheering. Whether students went hanging out with friends or a love of football , it will be very hard to forget the moment Fremont intercepted the football and people grabbed their water bottles and were drenching the student section. Or when Fremont made a touchdown and the band was going crazy and the fireworks went off. Honestly if you don’t remember the score you remember how much fun was had that night. 

Photo Credit: Lily Bates

For those who didn’t go to the dance because of work, maybe they didn’t care , or it just didn’t sound fun. Here are the important events they missed.

At eight o’clock, partiers were late and the party already started. The line was from the fence around the football field to the middle of the student parking lot. It was 49 degrees and felt like it was 30 degrees. With no jackets and next to no warmth, students were waiting in the line excited for what they thought was going to be a normal dance, the first one in a long, long time. 

there are the obvious types of dancers to be seen. Number one, the partiers who were in front of the DJ and in a big huddle, a “mosh” if you will. The second type that could have been seen is the couple on the outside of the field who were slow dancing to “Sweet Caroline.” There is so much beat to “Sweet Caroline ” that it is more of a party song rather then a romantic sway kind of dance.  The third and possibly the funniest is the small groups of people all over the field. These are the people who’ve spent all day with each other  and don’t want to expand their experience. They weren’t in the mosh and they weren’t really dancing, they were just standing and talking.  

Now the mosh pit was a chaotically good time, the ground had crushed boutonnieres and smashed corsages. Pieces of guys shirts and I even found someone’s shoe. The funniest part of the mosh pit is the moment when you’re swept from one side of the mosh to the other side and your group is completely gone. For those who decide to be a part of the mosh pit or if people decide to be involved at all, those people know how fun being in that mosh pit was.There was almost a moment of nostalgia, this moment will only happen today and I am so glad to be a part of it. 

One of the best parts of the mosh was when everyone would back up from the very middle to make a circle dance floor. Watching your friends get thrown into the middle of the “dance circle”will forever make me laugh. The face of panic starts on their face when they get pushed and then when they kill it on the dance floor very unexpectedly . I highly recommend pushing your friends into the middle of that circle. There was this one guy who did a backflip I swear right when he was done the circle just closed in on itself and people were moshing like crazy. 

The dance was honestly really simple and not some super crazy thing that was missed out on but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t have gone, whether they have a date or whether they decide to go stag with friends. I 100% recommend coming and dancing. 

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