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Ogden is a great place for creative and adventurous people alike, but where is the local music?

Ogden, Utah, a center of Creativity, Arts, and Cultural events, is a place where Utahns come to create, display, and learn about art. Events like the First Friday Arts Stroll (Ogden City), The YART Sale, an art focused market (Hey Be Fab), The Bizarre Market, a market highlighting unique vendors (Indie Ogden), and Ogden’s Farmers Market provide opportunities for artists of all kinds to showcase their work.This rich, artisan culture creates an atmosphere of like minded, yet diverse creativity, where participants big and small can come together.

With events like this enriching the visual arts sector of Ogden, the music scene of this City is reinforced in similar settings. These events, especially the Bizarre Market and Ogden’s Farmers Market come to mind when local music is involved. 

The Bizarre Market, for example, which has been held in locations like the Monarch, and Ogden’s Distillery, showcases both visual and performing arts by inviting local artists to sell and display their products, and music acts to play short sets during the market.

Aside from sets played at Markets and other art geared events, local bands can be found playing at Venues like:

  • The Monarch, a venue and art studio with an outdoor space for live music, 
  • Kamikazes, a 21+ venue where local acts frequent, 
  • and House shows, shows put on in garages and  neighborhoods.

Flyers for these events can be found all over the city, but are especially noticeable on 25th street shops like Grounds For Coffee, and Lavender Vinyl, two avid businesses in the downtown area.

Between summer and early fall, Ogden’s music scene thrives. Ogden Amphitheater on 25th street hosts the Ogden Twilight Series, an experience where larger bands play. Last season, Ogden was lucky enough to host Grouplove, Japanese Breakfast, Portugal the Man, and other popular groups. 

Alongside the Twilight Series, Ogden Friends of Acoustic Music (OFOAM) Hosts an Annual Music Festival where Acoustic artists are spotlighted. At Fort Buenaventura, a local state park, this festival features music of many genres, and offers on site camping for the duration of the festival.

Another Event during this timeframe is Ogden’s Harvest Moon Festival. Harvest Moon is known for featuring local groups, soloists, and other artists. Put on by the Ogden Downtown Alliance, this end of summer celebration recognizes local businesses and artists. 

Ogden City is Rich in art and festival type events, but it is not the type of city to find small bands performing every weekend. 

In the past few years, Ogden’s artistic community has grown exponentially. Just a few years ago it would have been difficult to encounter events centered around art. As events like The First Friday Art Stroll, Farmers Market, and Bizarre Market have popped up, more and more Ogden Residents are participating in art. 

Likewise, although Ogden Isn’t completely there yet, a great deal of progress has been made in the Music Scene in recent years. Just as the visual art scene has received sustained attention, the Music Scene will soon follow.

As for right now, music enthusiasts of Ogden have the responsibility of building up this community. Imagine Music, a lesson studio that has modernized music lessons is a great example of Ogden’s community building this scene. Imagine Music’s programs range from drums to piano, and any person passionate about music is invited to join their program. 

Another example of promoting music is Lavender Vinyl, a record store focused on keeping this unique platform relevant in Ogden. Lavender has tons of new and used records coming in on a daily basis, in any genre one could think of. From Local Music to today’s most popular stuff, Lavender Vinyl keeps the music community thriving on 25th.

When it comes down to it, Ogden is becoming a landmark city for music and art. Especially now, we have the unique opportunity of building this music scene up, while it is in its growing stages. Be sure to check out local businesses that are focused on music, like Lavender Vinyl, Graywhale, and Imagine Music.

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