Mr. Fremont

 By Brody Lambert

8 candidates only one true Mr. Fremont

Mr. Fremont is something that happens every here at Fremont. It is a tradition for the school to choose one senior boy to represent the school. Every year about eight seniors get up on stage and try to win the vote to be crowned Mr. Fremont. This year over the week the candidates participated in a Painting contest, Cake decorating, in both competitions they showed off Fremont pride.The Wiggle cart race was in teams of two in a similar style to a bobsled race. It all culminates in the Assembly where they show off other talents of their choice along with other challenges. 

Mr. Fremont is a tradition that happens once a year when some students are nominated to participate in a week filled with activities to try and win the title of “Mr. Fremont”. Each club or team nominates a senior boy to represent their group.

After the initial nomination the school chose eight finalist to compete:

Broc Benson (Boys Golf)

Christian Blanch (football)

Dante Martinelli (cheer)

Sam Ostler (theater)

Ammon Yorgason (choir)

Tyzek Headley (NHS)

Kolton Bosshardt (FBLA)

Justin (Juice) Hunt (Track)

Mr. Fremont week consists of several competitions over the week consisting of: a painting contest, cake decorating, a Wiggle-cart race, and it all culminates in the Assembly where they show off other talents once and for all.

Tyzek Headley said that as a sophomore and junior he saw the Mr. Fremont candidates and he thought, ”It would be an awesome opportunity to be up there with a bunch of other awesome dudes.” 

Kolton Bosshardt said about why he should be Mr. Fremont, “I’ve been super involved the past three years I’ve been at Fremont. I’ve been here for student gov, FBLA and Pack TV. I love the school, love supporting and going to all the games. I’m very proficient in lightsaber dueling, beyblade, and karate.”

Juice reflected, “I feel like the past three years I’ve been trying to be dedicated to Fremont. During the assembly Juice performed with a rap that was well-received. We also learned that people seem to love seeing Sam Ostler stripping into Fremont tights on-stage.  Surprisingly, Dante, who has been with the cheer team for 3 years, lost the drill competition where they had to follow drill instructions or prompts, and Tyzek Headley won the drill competition. 

Kolton Bosshardt has the best riz in Fremont. He made a Google Form so he can graduate being a True Silverwolf (kissing someone on the football field under a full moon). 

Ultimately Sam Olser came out on top. When asked why he thinks he won, Sam chuckled, “I think I won because I took my pants off in front of the entire school, and I guess that plays a part in people’s liking…” (Remember, Sam was wearing tights under his tearaway pants on stage. We keep it classy here at Fremont.)

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