Taylor Hawkins: a Musician to Remember

In the music world, good drummers can be difficult to come across. Great drummers however, are even harder to find. Taylor Hawkins, on the other hand , was much more than a “good” or “great” drummer, he was a legend. 

After being with the Foo Fighters for more than 25 years, Hawkins, the group’s longtime friend and drummer, passed away on March 25th, 2021. The group had been on a South American Tour and played in the Argentina Lollapalooza just a few nights before his passing. Hawkins played drums with his group, and sang covers of several popular songs including “Somebody to Love” by Queen, and performed a cover of “Been Caught Stealing”, a song by Jane’s Addiction.

As of right now, his cause of death is still unknown. There has been some information linking his death with coronary issues, but there has been no official confirmation on his cause of death. Because of his passing, the group has decided to take a few steps back when it comes to playing live music. 

On the band’s instagram page, they verified that their upcoming tour dates would be canceled. “It is with great sadness that Foo Fighters confirm the cancellation of all upcoming tour dates in light of the staggering loss of our brother Taylor Hawkins. We’re sorry for and share in the disappointment that we won’t be seeing one another as planned. Instead, let’s take this time to grieve, to heal, to pull our loved ones close, and to appreciate all the music and memories we’ve made together.”

Although currently, speculating about Hawkins death is a topic of interest, Taylor Hawkins deserves recognition for far more than the final moments of his life.

In addition to his time with the Foo Fighters, Hawkins simultaneously played within several acts, one of which being a band under his name, Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders. The American rock band released music from 2010 until their latest album in 2019, “Get The Money”. Some top songs from this band include, “Not Bad Luck” and “Way Down”. The band currently has around 77,000 monthly listeners, according to Spotify.

With the Foo Fighters, Hawkins wrote songs, drummed, sang, and even played the piano on several tracks. Several hit songs from that band with outstanding drum tracks are My Hero, Angel With Severed Wings, and Learn to Fly.

Hawkins was influenced by many of the classic rock “greats” including drummer, Roger Taylor of Queen. His classic rock influences shine through in his drumming style and the songs that he composed. 

In the 2022 Grammy Awards, the Foo Fighters accepted several awards in honor of Taylor Hawkins. Their awards included “Best Rock Album” for their recent album, “Medicine at Midnight”, “Best Rock Performance” for their performance of “Making a Fire”, and “Best Rock Song” for their track, “Waiting on War”. Prior to Hawkins death, the group planned to perform at the awards ceremony, but canceled after news of his passing.

Anyone wanting to listen to the music of Taylor Hawkins and the Foo Fighters, should start with their hits, Everlong, The Pretender, Learn to Fly, Best of You, and All My Life. However, their award winning 2022 album Medicine at Midnight is totally worth a listen.

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