Teacher Quiz

Go to school store order? 

A. No order

B. Cookies

C. Fun Food Friday

D. Hoodie

If your life was a song what would it be ? 

A. Life is a highway

B. All I want for christmas is you

C. No music

D. We are Family

Which hallway do you identify with? 

A. C Hall

B. Library Hall

C. B Hall Downstairs

D. B Hall Upstairs

What was your weirdest phase ?

A. Pogs

B. Dweeb

C. No weird phase

D. Rebel Phase

Go to Fizz, Sugar Rush order ? 

A. Never Been

B. Diet Dr.Pepper

C. No drink, Cookie

D. Pepperlata (Dr.Pepper, Coconut, Whipped Cream, Pineapple)

Last thing you Googled ?

A. Genograms

B. Utah Christmas activities

C. Pumpkin soup recipe

D. Sundresses

If you could go on a road trip anywhere, where would you go ? 

A. Canada

B. Pacific Northwest

C. South Carolina

D. Church history tour

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