The Silverwolves Before Us

Just over 27 years ago, Fremont’s first graduating class, the class of 1995 walked the stage. From then to now, life has surely changed for both that graduating class, and high school students today.

Imagine this: it’s May 1995, Weezer’s blue album, Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged, and Radiohead’s The Bends are all new and popular albums. You and your friends are planning a movie night to watch Pulp Fiction, or maybe Dumb and Dumber if you’re feeling a little silly. The president is Bill Clinton, and new tech like DVDs, Playstations, and the internet are just starting to roll out. The average American makes $34,000 a year, and gas is around $1.20 a gallon.

Some of these social trends and trends in pop culture have faded off into the distance, but some have stuck around through the ages. 

Many Fremont’s favorite clubs from the ‘90s are still around today. DECA, FBLA, FFA, and The Ski and Snowboarding club are among the groups that have stayed together over the years. The yearbook and school newspaper are two publications that have stuck with Fremont over this time as well! Additionally, our performing arts groups have been recognized for their talents ever since Fremont opened its doors.

The first musical our school put together was “Music Man”, a musical about a man hoping to scam townsfolk into purchasing musical instruments before skipping town. Fremont’s most recent musical was Catch Me if You Can. Aside from that, our marching band, choir groups, and orchestra have always put on concerts and performances for the community to enjoy.

Additionally, Fremont has always been known for the student body’s school spirit and competitive sports teams. In 1995, our mascot was a Timberwolf named Tundra. Tundra was donated to the school by a professional movie trainer, and could often be found at games and events put on by Fremont. Many of the sports teams we have today were active; Fremont’s first football team even won the school’s first game!

In the first year that Fremont was open, many students found it challenging to find their classes according to the yearbook of that year. Fremont’s unique design can make it challenging for new students to find their classes today, and each year sophomore’s roam the halls as they desperately try to find their biology class, but thankfully maps and directions are readily available to assist students in finding their courses.

When it comes to the student body, students at Fremont during 1994 and 1995 came from both Weber and Roy High school. The senior class was able to choose whether or not they wanted to stay at the school they went to during sophomore and junior year. In the yearbook for that academic year, it was a common theme that students found it to be uniting that everyone came from different backgrounds, but became friends so easily. The first graduating class consisted of 338 students, and Coach Melaney was one of the graduating seniors that year. To put that in perspective, this year’s graduating class is around 616 students–almost twice as big.

From ‘95 to now a lot has changed, but much of Fremont is the same. There’s always been school dances and events, unique groups and clubs, and energetic sports teams who get students into school spirit. We even have several teachers who have taught at Fremont since day one. Mrs. Boden, who teaches Special Ed, Mr. Anderson, who teaches Choir, Mr. Erisoty, who teaches Auto Shop, were each here in 1995 teaching through the generations as Silverwolves.

As Fremont goes through a second generation of students, it is interesting to see how Fremont itself and the comprehensive high school experience has changed over the years. So as you get ready to walk the stage, remember the silverwolves and traditions that came before you.

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