Wolves Weigh in on Water Bottles

Which water bottle does Fremont love the most! 

The sound of sips and swallows lingers around public school hallways and classrooms as students hydrate during their day of education. Obtaining a certain water bottle has even started transitioning into a trend. There are plenty of brands, materials, manufacturers, styles, colors, etc. 

Currently in our den of the Silverwolves, there are 7 brands that seem to be the most noticed throughout the classrooms. These brands are: Stanley cups, Gatorade squeeze bottles, Yeti tumblers, everyday use plastic water bottles, Hydro flasks, Tal bottles, and the half-gallon Hydrojugs.

 From an anonymous poll taken from a random selection of students, we searched to find out Fremont High’s favorite water bottle. 

The most popular by a landslide was the trendy stainless steel Stanley tumbler. Other than the Stanley, the rest of the brands were pretty equal across the board. 

Trends and brand names have a lot of influence on consumer purchasing decisions when it comes to highschoolers. Stanley offers a lot of advantages to their customers like a lifetime guarantee on their products. These cups also have an easy grip handle, are dishwasher safe, provide vacuum insulation for cooling, and fit in cup holders. 

The question of “what is the best water bottle,” is a very complicated question to answer. Personal preference plays a huge role in which water carrier students will parade around with them everyday. If you are trendy, go with a stanley or hydro flask. The Hydro Flask brand offers all of the same bonuses as Stanley and more. If you are sporty, hydro jugs carry an extreme amount of water for all your athletic needs. If you want a light easy option, Gatorade and simple plastic water bottles will be your best friend. 

No matter the shape, size, color, or brand of water bottle teenagers prefer to haul inside their backpacks, the outcome is always the same. Hydration is the important factor of carrying a water bottle, so whichever option you choose, staying hydrated with H2O is the right choice.

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