ACT Awareness

Listen up juniors! The ACT is coming up sooner than you think!

March 8, 2022 is the school-wide ACT date for Fremont high Juniors. While that might seem a long way in the future, the date is coming up a lot quicker than it might seem and each student looking to do well on the test will want to be ready. Just to start off, here’s what to expect on the day of the ACT.

On the test day, all Fremont High’s Juniors will show up to the school at 8 am. Each student will need to have an official picture of themselves, like a drivers license, school ID, etc. Along with that, students should bring at least two #2 pencils and a calculator that is allowed by the rules of the ACT organization (make sure to check that beforehand). The students will be directed to a specific classroom where they will be seated. The proctor will read the rules of the ACT. Then the test will be taken. Information about the length of each section of the test and what to expect can be found on the ACT website.

Now for preparation. One easy way to prepare for this test is by using the official ACT website. There are several resources on that website that will help students get used to how the test is run, and practice answering questions in the time given on the tests. Another great resource is provided by Fremont High. The ACT Prep class taught by Fremont teachers after school in the two weeks leading up to the ACT is a wonderful resource that is available for only $10 paid to the bookkeeper. In the prep class each day is dedicated to a different section of the ACT and teachers pass on tips, tricks, and helpful information that will help prepare students for the test.

Another great resource can be found on the Shmoop website. This website has not only full length practice tests, it also has diagnostic tests that will tell students what they are likely to get on the ACT. The website also has short quizzes that will teach important concepts to know for the test. Shmoop is broken down into sections that match the four sections on the ACT. This is helpful because it’s easy to study section by section and to get help on the sections that you need. Shmoop access is provided through Canvas easily. If your teacher has the tool available on their Canvas Page, you simply click on Shmoop for Schools, set up your WSD, Fremont account, and you’re on your way to test prep. 

Start looking into ACT preparation now, and be prepared for the test March 8th. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor. 

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