Esports is on the rise.

Even with our low budget and district policies we are still making the esports scene in our school.

Esports has been becoming a lot more popular over the years. Esports is competitive gaming for major and minor league gamers and teams. Our school club has its own team that competes against the other schools in our district.

One of the many clubs at Fremont is The esports club/team. This club meets twice a week after school to play competitive video games with their peers, and make new friends in the process. 

Sometimes they will do Gaming in the commons during lunch and they will let students join their game and have a good time. They set up a switch outside the lunch room to  join their smash party and play Super Smash Bros. and fight for fun.

Some of the games they compete in are League Of Legends,Rocket League and Super Smash Bros. When asked about what games they would like to play they talked about games everyone has heard of including Mincraft, Valorant, and Red Dead Redemption and Mario cart.

And when asked about what they would want to see improved about the club,  Ryan Boren, said “Maybe just better equipment like keyboards and mice.” If they had better equipment gaming would be more comfortable and easier. 

Some of these club members have been playing competitive games for 2 years, and some have played  their entire lives. Competitive gaming Isn’t something you can just pick up and be good at. It takes practice and dedication. Just like anything else that is competitive.

Some colleges offer scholarships for esports if players are good enough. According to NCSA (Next College Student Athlete), in Utah, some of those colleges will pay $500 to $800 in scholarship money, and if you are lucky enough, and talented enough there are full ride scholarships.

Their is 175 colleges that will give you a scholarship for gaming some of them including Hawaii Pacific University, University of Texas at Dallas and Full Sail University according to “College Gazette”

According to Mr Rhodes, Now there is a program called “Ken Garff eSports-Success in education” and this is a program made for highschools to be in the esport scene and their core values of this program are Learning, opportunity, community, diversity and respect.

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