Best Moments of the Wrestling Season

Here’s some insight on the girls and boys wrestling teams and some of the wrestlers best experiences from this year.

The boys team took 5th place overall in the 6A region and the girls took 15th. Those are great rankings for both teams, even with the girls team only being a sanctioned sport since just last season.

Coach Storey explains the accomplishments from both the boys and girls team, mentioning that the boys stayed pretty consistent, healthy, and focused and the girls had the opportunity to come together, work hard, and make a commitment to something very new.

Some of Fremont’s top players and their individual rankings from this season were Jason Worthley who took 2nd in the 113 weight, Brinlee Gines who took 1st in the 130 weight, Cal Christiansen who took 5th in the 126 weight, Paedyn Knight who took 4th in the 110 weight, and Koen Musselman who took 4th in the 132 weight.

Brinlee Gines, a top wrestler for the girls team and 1st captain, went undefeated all season and won State for the girls team.

She explains her proudest moment from wrestling saying, “After taking state, going to my corner and being embarrassed by my coaches and one of my best friends (Amber) who pushed me through everything and got me to where I am today. There were so many days where they stayed after with me and helped me with moves and technique.”

Jason Worhtley, a freshman for the boys team, has become a big asset to Fremont’s team and for years to come. He has been ranked in the top 10 incoming freshmen for the 2021-2022 season of all the Utah High school wrestling teams.

Wrestling can be a difficult sport and challenging. Coach Storey says, “It’s hard being a member of the wrestling team…from experience the things that were the hardest for me to accomplish in life are the hardest to do, I learned the most from and I got the most from those hard things.”

Paedyn Knight, a sophomore and one of the girls captains, explains a challenge she faced this season that didn’t stop her.

Knight says, “…I started having sports induced asthma…Being nervous sometimes would make my asthma worse. My team was there for me making sure that I wasn’t in my head and telling me all the things I have accomplished so far. I’m so grateful for them.”

Koen Musselman, a junior for the boys team, explains the process of the sport even more and how the difficulty of it can be beneficial. “Wrestling is a very hard sport but only if you actually want to get better…it changes you into a totally different person. You will be more satisfied with your goals that you set because you know you put every ounce of tear and sweat into it. You only really learn determination from wrestling.”

The wrestling team is a place of commitment, dedication, and hard work. There are so many opportunities to grow and learn with others when joining the sport. The team has a lot more parent support than the student body, so hopefully in these next years we can support these athletes.

Knight also states, “It’s not just about wrestling , it’s also about what you will learn about yourself. You will be joining a family with love and hard working athletes.”

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