Music Classes and Disneyland

The music groups at Fremont pour hours into learning beautiful and impressive musical pieces, and once these are completed, they are rewarded by being able to play those pieces at Disneyland.

Orchestra, band, and choir. These three groups make up our school’s music department. Every other year, this department goes on a trip to Disneyland. The purpose of this is for the groups to perform their music in and around Disneyland.

The trip costs $1,000 and to help students pay for it the music department has a fundraiser months before Disneyland to pay for the tickets and travel. The fundraiser is selling oranges. The oranges come straight from an orange orchard in California and are delivered from there right to Fremont. Students sell the citrus by half or a whole box.

On the way to Disneyland, the classes stopped to attend a clinic at BYU. The purpose of the clinic is to give students different things to work on to improve their songs. The group also participated in a concert in a park on their way to California. Their final performance of the trip was in a recording studio session. 

After the performances, students were able to spend time around Disneyland. The number of students attending the trip meant that there were many groups of friends who were able to hang out together around Disneyland.

The music department goes on this trip every other year. Meaning that if any sophomores heard about the trip and thought it sounded fun, they have until senior year to join a music class and be included on the trip. Orchestra, band and choir offer so many opportunities for students to learn and improve their musical skills. 

Mr. Bradshaw teaches band classes, Mr. Anderson teaches choir classes, and Mrs. Taylor teaches orchestra classes. Take a chance and join a music class. 

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