FHS Men’s Golf Team 2021 fall season, highlights, insights!

For those that haven’t been keeping up with our men’s team, they have taken 1st in our   region and 3rd at state, which is an amazing accomplishment!

Mr.Ballif has been a coach for our Men’s team for the past three years. He has personally played for most of his life, when he took the job he felt unqualified and has since grown into his role. 

Mr. Ballif told me he is extremely proud of his team and all the hard work they put into playing this sport. He says  the team works really hard whether it’s on or off season. He has seen them become “borderline obsessed, which is an amazing quality to have for any athlete.” 

The boys on the team talk about how strong their team is. When one person is having a bad day on the course, you know you have your team to be able to help you and pull up your overall score. They say  during practice, they are all silly and just having a good time. “Except, when they step off the bus for game day everyone’s attitude changes and they’re ready to play.  

On the other hand, don’t get confused. They work hard on and off their seasons. They all put their time in. 

Jack Wadsworth (grade 11) told me there practices are everyday except for Friday and Weekends, but even on their “off days” most of them will meet up to practice or work on their own. This team never stops and it really shows. Wadsworth got a hole in one in the state tournament! The odds of an average golfer getting a hole in one are 12,000 to 1 and a PGA pro level is 3,000 to 1. So congratulations to Jack. The hard work seems to be working.  

One of the favorite memories of 11th grader, Luke Dalebout,  is when the guys went over to Toad’s golf course and they were hitting on the range, but they were all trying to hit bad shots.  “The funniest thing that happened was when we were all shanking shots this day at toads golf course,” Dalebout stated reflecting on the team building experience. 

Another favorite memory of Jake Wadsworth (grade 11) is how well this sounds a bit repetitive because it’s said in the quote…also maybe move this before Dalebout’s quote and start off with the quote saying “Wadsworth also mentions how close the team is stating that, (quote). And then continue with Dalebout’s quote with “another favorite memory of…”  on the team. He said, “The whole team just gets along and we’re all a group of clowns.  

12th grader, Jett Iverson,) is the captain of Fremont’s Men’s team and Jett told me that his favorite memory was when they went to region,”Layton was playing food and was barely beating us so they were all giving us crap saying they would win region but we ended up beating them and got to celebrate as they had to just sit there and watch which to me was pretty funny.” So when Fremont won the tournament Jett enjoyed being able to celebrate with his team and rub it in Laytons face just a little. Iverson adds, “Golf is a very rewarding game to play and play it well.” He is very proud of his team and thankful for the experience of playing with these guys.

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