Getting to know Fremont’s Newest Foreign Exchange Students

Hola! Bonjour! Salut! These are some of the different ways to say hello to three of the newest students at Fremont! These students have come from all around the world, or more specifically Barcelona Spain, Charleroi Belgium and Evian France.

Fremont has on average six to nine foreign exchange students a year, get to know three of them from this year. Some of these students’ favorite things to do are go out to eat with friends and shop.
When asked about what they liked so far about Fremont, they all answered the football games. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to have football games in America.

Getting to know the first student, Marc Puigdomènech is from Barcelona Spain. and he likes soccer, skiing, golfing, mountain biking and hanging out with his friends.
Puigdomenech Wanted to come to Utah for the mountains and the different culture. Some of his new favorite things are his new friends. Puigomenech likes that Spain is very similar besides languages, but he likes that the food is very similar and he is happy that he can do the same activities in Utah that he would do in Spain.

Who knew how similar Utah was to Spain? It is so crazy that the people that live across the world can be so different, but so similar to someone who lives in Utah. We as people don’t realize how similar we all are to different countries.

The next person everyone should know about should get to know is from Charleroi Belgium, her name is Eva Rucci. Rucci Likes to swim and hang out with her friends in her spare time. “I wanted to come to Utah for the mountains, the people, the culture and the overall aesthetic of utah.”-Rucci
In the interview she talked about her experiences. She didn’t seem to be missing home very much. When asked if she was getting homesick at all, she didn’t hesitate for a second. “No, I am not home sick yet, but I think I will be ok.” If you were in a different country for a year, how long do you think it would take you to get home sick, or would you even get home sick at all?

When I was little, my friends couldn’t even stay at my house for one night. So how can our foreign friends stay in a different country for a year without getting home sick?

All the way from Evian, France, Noemi Bernard is our newest student. She is just like the rest of us but with an accent. She loves to go out with her friends and get lunch with them. Back in France, she danced for eight years and just picked up boxing as one of her new hobbies. When asked what her favorite food was she had mentioned that one of her favorite new foods from America was Chick-Fil-a. So crazy how something we have had our whole life some people have never heard of.

Despite these foreign exchange students hailing from across the world, they aren’t different from the students at Fremont. They are just like us. They have the same hobbies, same interests and even like the same food. So don’t be shy and make sure to say hello!

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