Giving you a Halloween that you have never had.

Halloween Entertainment
Halloween is one of everyone’s favorite holidays and everyone has their own tradition watching the same movies: Halloween, Scream, Nightmare on Elm Street, going to the pumpkin patch and carving pumpkins. some odd and weird Halloween traditions, and some odd Halloween movies that you probably haven’t seen.
Movies are what people use to cuddle up to a cute girl or background noise while hanging out.
Creep Show 2 is an old movie that is a lot like Goose Bumps but a little more mature. This movie has three scary stories. These stories range from a statue seeking revenge on high schoolers who rob a convenience store, and a weird sentient oil spill making it so teenagers can’t get off a raft in the middle of a lake. (Amazon Prime Video)
Monster Squad has a Goonies-like cast with all sorts of different classic monsters, ranging from Dracula, Wolf Man, The Mummy, and Fishman. It’s full of comedy and pop culture references. (Showtime or Paramount+)
Ernist scared stupid, is another movie that is not commonly talked about, but this movie is just so odd its a little funny. With the monsters turning kids into wooden statues to their weaknesses being milk. Just an all out weird movie. (YouTube)
Toonsylvania is a cartoon with multiple side characters ranging from a family from zombies to a spoiled little girl. More of a background movie while you do something but overall supper chill. (YouTube)
Halloween Celebrations
When it comes to candy or festive snacks there are a lot of different things, you could try and find that have been discontinued. Candy corn flavored: Starburst, Dots, Oreo, Hershey’s Kisses or Bubble Jug, and NestlĂ© Magic Ball.
Indent? Candy corn snacks were discontinued mostly because people were not buying them or they just were not as good as they were expecting. Bubble Jug was made by Hubba Bubba and was a jug-like container filled with bubble gum dust and you would pour it into your mouth and it would turn into chewing gum.
Some alternatives to trick or treating this year are going out with friends and giving candy out, driving around your neighborhood and blasting Halloween music and handing candy out to the passing by kids.
Throw a costume party with some friends and do a specific theme and have competition for the best costume. There will be different categories like best dressed, scariest, most resourceful and just whatever comes to mind.
this year don’t go trick or treating and go all out on giving treats and tricks to the kids in your neighborhood. Being the king size candy bar house giving out invisible ink to spray their friends.
dress up and scare kids as they walk around the neighborhood bringing back the scary part of Halloween that a lot of people have forgotten about.
So this year maybe switch it up and get creative with your candy, your movies and the activities you do with your friends.

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