It’s time to get your ACT together, Juniors

The ACT seems like a daunting test to take but with these tips you can breeze through it.

There are some benefits that come from taking the ACT instead of taking that day off school. Those benefits include: 

Making college admissions easier, allowing you to skip over certain college courses, scholarships, etc. 

One of these scholarships is the admissions index; which when paired with your GPA can help pay for a large portion of your college tuition.

Reading comprehension will help out with this test because it is based on reading and understanding the reading. 

From the math and science portions to the reading and English sections you will be using your skills of understanding language to navigate through the test. 

The best way to work on your reading comprehension is to read. A lot. So pick up any book whenever you can.

If you start studying now, then when the time comes you will get better results on this test than if you were to cram all your studying in the week before.

 The school has provided the student body with some resources that can help you to study efficiently and effectively. 

Shmoop is a website that is connected to the core classes’ Canvas pages, and Shmoop provides practice tests and studying habits to help you with tests like the ACT. 

The ACT website ( also provides some practice tests. These resources can help you to study and take some stress away.

The most important thing to do when preparing for the ACT is to not stress. Stressing will affect you being able to perform your best and make it hard for you to study. 

Ms. Hubner, an English teacher, commented on what to do the day before, “the day before the ACT the best thing to do is to do absolutely nothing ACT related. Because at that point you know everything that you’re going to know and you studied everything you’re going to study.”

So kick back and relax, make sure to get a goodnight’s rest the night before, and eat a good breakfast so you can have all the energy you need to do your best on this test.

With all the tips provided you should be able to excel at the ACT and avoid the stress that can follow.

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