SPEAK: If you were stuck in a teacher’s class because the school was snowed in, which class would it be?

If you were stuck in a teacher’s class because the school was snowed in, which class would it be?

Here are some of the answers we got from the student body:

“I would stay in Mildon’s class because he’s prepared for disasters and his classroom is a safe environment.”  – Bailey Seeley

“I would pick Dr. Rhodes cause Dr. Rhodes’ class is just full of the gaming computers. I took gaming development, just had a fun time playing like Smash Bros during flex. You got like Nintendo Switches in there, and Dr. Rhodes is just a funny guy with all his dad jokes and everything.” – Preston Barker

“I would pick Dale Pollard’s room because his room has drawers full of candy and computers, so I could just be gaming all day or just do whatever I want, and the candy is just an unlimited stash–whatever you can think of. I’d be locked in there, got computers, my homie, Dale, to hang out with. Yeah, Dale Pollard!” – Cooper Jolley

“I would pick, the librarians. [They] technically aren’t teachers, but it’d probably be really good, to be in there, in Mrs. Lott’s room, specifically. I could keep myself busy with all the books, there’s plenty of things to read, and I got company. If not there definitely be Mr. Flynn, I don’t have him but he’s in the center of the school there’d be more heat in there, I’m guessing, I’m trynna be warm, and away from the cold,” – Aiden Hopkins

“I’d say probably Wilsons room or at the kitchen room so I could have food supply.” – Brooke Todias

“I’d be stuck in Smith’s classroom because they have computers in here and Smith is just fun.” – Brevin Burlison

“Probably Mr. Clark because his room is really fun and I like his class.” – Addy Ortgiesen

“I think I would choose Rhode’s business office specialist class because he has like a bunch of couches in there, so I’d probably just go and sleep.” – Lydia Hickenlooper

“Swanson. She’s a great teacher and I just love the environment of her classroom.” – Abi Dawson

“Mrs. Roundy. She’s got the big windows so you could see the snow and she’s my favorite teacher, and she’s also right next to the preschool.” – Carrie Nuttall

“Probably Bradshaw’s just to keep myself entertained with all the different instruments.” – Kasyn Meeds

“Parra’s classroom because he’s just the chillest teacher. I mean you [could] go in there and you fall asleep. He won’t even bug ya.” – Race Rivera

“I’d probably wanna be in Mr. Clark’s classroom because he’s the nicest teacher.” – Emrie Wallace

“Mr. Clark because he is the nicest teacher here, and he’s my dad.” – Averi Clark

“Mrs. Hoch, my Hope Squad teacher, because she is just the best and I just love that class.” – Malan Kellet

“Mr. Anderson, my choir teacher, because it’s a bunch of choir kids and we can all sing together, plus our student teacher is great.” – Olivia Ostler

“I’d probably do Roueche’s because she’s probably my favorite teacher, and she’s just really nice.” – Maisey Miller

“Brother Dickson’s seminar classroom because there’s good wifi in there and I have lots of friends in that class.” – Kenli Bremser

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One thought on “SPEAK: If you were stuck in a teacher’s class because the school was snowed in, which class would it be?

  1. I would either stay in Mr. Clark, or Mr. A’s room. They are two of my favorite teachers, with lots of ways to keep my Interests met.

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