Sadies Goes Back To The Wild, Wild West!

Sadies this year did a great job of roping you into the fun!

The Sadies theme this year was wild, west themed with an assortment of decorations correlating to the country inspired theme, ranging from wanted posters, animal skins, wheat, white lights, and a series of wagon wheels placed throughout the gym.

Wanted posters in the gym.

Most people were dressed up in their cowboy hats, boots, overalls, bandanas and flannels. Others dressed casually, not going with the theme.

Saige Seegmiller, a Junior, says “I thought the theme was super fun, and I think it fit Fremont really well. Just what we are known for.”

Fremont’s drill team was in charge of the organization of the dance. The drill team, Silverline, had talked about how they loved the theme and how they had a good turn out at the dance.

According to drill, Sadies is a fundraiser-like event. All money that the dance makes goes towards Silverline going to out-of-state competitions. So going to dances helps our school out.

The rain did have some sort of effect on plans that some people had relating to the day date and their pictures before the dance. The rain made the day cold, so pictures were a little more difficult, and some people had to fix day dates.

Wyatt Larue, a Junior, mentioned, “We went mudding at Reese on a bunch of dirt roads cause it was raining. We were going to have a barbeque but we canceled because of the rain.”

The decorations for any dance are very important. This year, the Silverline prepped with a group of 4 girls including a drill captain and their parents, decorating all the corners of the gym. This also means that they have to clean up, picking up the decorations and the garbage. So, make sure to not litter at any future dances.

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