Last of Us show infects the country!

Last of Us is a video game series that was made in 2013 that is set in a zombie apocalypse world, and you take the role of the last survivors. But this isn’t a review on the game, but a review on the new show that is on HBO and HBO Max. This show is purely based on the game, and people are ecstatic about how good the resemblance is.

The show was released on January, 15 2023 and they have continued to release episodes weekly on Sundays. . Each episode is around an hour long or more. They are going to be 9 episodes each being released, with the last episode airing on March 12th. .

This isn’t the first time games have been interpreted into movies with one of the hit movies over the summer being Uncharted. This movie was solely based on the 4th game ¨Uncharted: A Thief’s End.¨

Or the Mortal Kombat movies, the first one being released in 1995 and the newest one released in 2021. This game was more popular in the earlier stages of its release but still has a steady fan base. The movies, however, didn’t knock out the critics and the fans in the way the epic game series did.

The Last of Us has been so great that I give it 10/10, 5 stars, no complaints. The show was almost identical to the game, and for the people who played the game they enjoyed it a little more because of the incredible performances by lead actors Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay, but if you haven’t played the game the show is still very enjoyable.

The Last Of Us has good pacing getting you right into the action but not too fast so you have time to process what is going on. It starts you off at an interview with a mycologist talking about how cordyceps are able to adapt to the changing environment.

The show is filled with suspense, keeping you on your toes and ready for the next episode.
Each episode is about an hour or shorter. Most people are not very happy that the show is coming to a halt, It’s that good.

This isn’t a recap of the show, so you are gonna have to watch it yourself and create your own opinion. Just keep in mind that this show is not for light-hearted people but for people that can handle a good scare and lots of emotions.

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