Speak: Icks

– Bailey 

“Being ‘really’ distant, like I’ve lost so many friendships to being distant, and being in a relationship during that… just being distant, it’s not really good for the relationship. Yeah you need to have a balance where you have times when you’re by yourself and times where you’re with your friends and times when you’re with your ‘partner’  there needs to be a balance. But if it’s like you’re only with your friends or only by yourself and you’re never with your significant other, then is there really a relationship?”

-Bryton Harmon 

“ Having a lot of girl best friends”


“When they act different around their friends”


“To me , one that i know thats an ick to me is when they are just rude, they’re kinda two faced. When they’re cool and nice, but to other people they’re not nice”

-Reese Wilson

“MY biggest ick is fortnite, well because the boys just sit around and grind in their little fort, and i think that they could do something better with their time, and i just think it is an automatic ick, if they play fortnite, and not video games, just fortnite, its an ick red flag run away”

  • Dante martinelli

Probably when they chew with their mouth open, because it is disgusting to see all that food mix around in there.”

  • Clare Bell

“When they don’t smell good, because its an hygiene issue, NO stinky guys”

  • Kolton Bosshardt

Its a hard, its probably gonna be anytime a fork scrapes on a metal place, because it hurts my ears.

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