Starving after high school? MRE’s are a nutritious, tasty, and kind of funny last-resort.

Without the help of parents, thrusted into an unkind capitalist society, many young adults have to suffer their way through college, aided only by ramen, energy drinks, and pure, unfiltered spite.

If college students have access to food that will sustain them and their activities, while still being slightly tasteful, it’s a good option. It may only be temporary, but the next generation cannot live on a diet of manufactured plastic noodles, chemicals, and undiagnosed mental illness.

One way to ensure survival is MRE’s. They contain plenty of all the things you need, have an extremely long shelf life, and are actually pretty good. I tried some MREs. All of the ones I tried are from Readywise and can be bought online or at sporting goods stores such as Cabela’s.

The first one tried was a very meaty, cheesy lasagna that was pretty good. It only took a few minutes to cook, and was very filling. To cook it, add boiling water, reseal the bag and leave it until it feels done. 

The second was a strawberry flavored granola breakfast item. This one was vegetarian, and was absolutely delicious. As long as there isn’t too much water in it. It’s a great way to start anyone’s day, especially if you don’t usually like to eat breakfast. It’s light, has a nice texture, and tastes amazing.

Last, but most definitely not least, was the sweet and sour chicken sandwiches. These came ready-to-eat and were kind of bland at the edges, but overall amazing. It doesn’t sound like a fulfilling meal, but it was truly spectacular. If you can ignore the slight watery taste of the bread, it’s a good option.

So, if you’re struggling with food in college, a viable option is MRE’s. They’re easy to make, surprisingly tasty, nutritious, and somewhat easy to find and cheap, considering the benefits that they deliver. You can find them in many sporting goods stores.

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