Safety Tips After High School

For students heading off to college or still in high school, safety should be a top priority. Here is a combined list of things all people should do to make sure they stay safe.

Walking alone: Make sure no one is distracted, leave the phone in the pocket or purse. If wearing headphones, make sure to leave one out, but it’s even better to not wear any. It allows the person to be more aware of surroundings, and gives a better chance of hearing someone. Plan out the route to take. The best strategy is to stay on well-lit and busy streets, and tell a trusted person the route everyone is going to take, and give them the location. Keep keys in hand, it can allow for some protection if truly needed. Do not accept rides from strangers or people that no one doesn’t not know well.

Meeting up with someone: There are always cases on the news of someone who left for a date and never came back. Let’s say you’re going to meet someone you are meeting for the first time or going out on a date with a stranger. Meet them during the day, and make sure to meet in a public place that is busy. Give the location to family or friends, and make sure they know where you’re going and time it should be done. Plan to call the person and give the location after this event to make sure they know everyone is safe.
When leaving, make sure not to be followed home. If there are suspicions of being followed, take four turns in the same direction. This will allow anyone to go into a complete circle. If they are still behind you, drive to a police station instead of going home. To be safe, do not get in the car of the person if this is the first time. Instead. take a Lyft/Uber home if need be.

Dorm Safety: Congrats you’re now on your own or maybe living with a roommate. Either way, it’s a good time to start thinking about how everyone can stay safe in their own home. Always keep the-doors and windows locked, know where the emergency phone is and all entrances and exits. Install alarms on the door and window and hide everyone’s valuables. Keep pepper spray by the bed or in an easy place to access. Don’t let someone that no one knows inside the home, if that wasn’t obvious.

Safety devices: Is a good extra thing anyone can buy with some extra cash.Safe Sound Personal Protection is a device about the size of airpods that anyone can keep on a lanyard. This device has a pin that when removed it creates a loud alarm. This will draw attention to everyone there in emergency situations. Their safety necklace and bracelets allow the person to press a button and will send their location to all emergency contacts. If pressed twice it will also let the police know. Automatic Bear Tactical Pen allows the person to break glass incase of an emergency like a car accident. There are also seat belt cutters in case it jams and refuses to release.

At the end of this all we can say that being aware of what is going on will indivable help everyone around. There are many tips and tricks anyone can follow but life is unpredictable and just letting someone can help you out in so many ways.

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