New Year’s Resolutions

Goal’s have been made due to the new year 2022. How can you keep it.
With the New Year fresh on the horizon you might have started out writing and doing your new year resolutions. Did you know that New’s Year’s resolutions have a day for being ditched on January 17 called Ditch New Year’s Resolutions day?

Why are Resolutions Commonly Broken
Psychologist Mark Abadi Alpert told Business Insider new year resolutions have three main reasons why they are commonly broken. To start, resolutions that are not specific enough or are worded too negatively are not relevant to individual people.
For example, someone who wanted to work on their health might start with a resolution like this, “I want to be healthier.” This is a good example of what not to do when writing resolutions. This Resolution is not specific enough to apply to an individual person.
How do you want to be healthier? Are you looking to gain muscle mass, or is your goal to lose 5-15 pounds? Maybe your resolution is worded negatively, which could lead to a toxic mindset that won’t set you up for success. Try focusing your resolutions on building specific health habits that will help you reach a certain goal, and setting up a reasonable time frame for achieving the desired result.
Above all, remember New year’s resolutions are typically for over a whole year, so keep that in mind when writing these resolutions. It’s more about implementing habits to get results you want to see, not immediate changes.
How to keep with it
Louise Smith, a lifestyle blogger has some relevant ideas about how individuals want to be realistic. Don’t make a goal that you know somewhere deep down in your heart you wont keep: Simple and realistic is key. You can always change the resolution later if it seems too easy, or you want to do more of a challenge.
Smith adds that planning ahead and creating an outline on how to achieve your goals will help guide you in taking the needed steps to start and continue. Write out a reason why you want to accomplish this goal, and put this note somewhere you will see it everyday. Make sure your reason behind it is something that will keep motivation and drive through the hard and challenging days when you really want to quit.
A place you could put this note is on a mirror or a night stand, maybe your fridge, or even the notes app in your phone. Just make sure you can see it on a regular basis. Besides personal reminders, talking about your resolutions and finding people with similar goals can help keep you accountable.
Tracking progress can help keep motivation. Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you miss a day or mess up. That’s fine. Try again tomorrow.
I promise the work you put in won’t suddenly be gone for messing up once or multiple times. It’s about consistency, so don’t be too harsh and take some time off if need be. Small changes lead to big ones so any progress no matter how insignificant you may think it is really a huge step towards your goals so any progress is good progress.

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