Winter Nostalgia

Kids laughing and fun old memories, snow falling, and winter memories. Only in Weber School District.

So it’s that time of year for the Christmas assembly. Every grade has to learn a different song. At the end of the quarter right before Christmas break, students have to remember a certain song depending on what grade they’re in. They  learn anything from “All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth” to “Mele Kalikimaka.” Half the class thought the songs were stupid, and the other half thought it was going to be a blast. 

Every year there was a Polar Express and pajama party. Where the class made the watered down hot-chocolate or the homemade apple cider, which tasted a little grainy. 

 Madison Thayn, a senior,  said “When kids would bring a ton of snacks to these types of events it felt like valuable gold.” There were also  interesting class projects every Christmas. It seems like it was always the snowflake origami where students either had to remember from last year how to make them or watch YouTube videos for the 300th time.

When recess came around there were 3 groups of kids. 

  1. The first was the “hill climbers”. Those were the kids that climbed all over those snow hills that the janitors would make and we’d either fall off or would push people off to be the “tallest.” 
  2. The second group was the “snow man makers”, which started off with 2 maybe 3 kids and ended with 20 helping. They would roll and roll and roll  snow until every ball was to their stomach. The details are a little fuzzy, but five little kids who probably weighed less than 50 pounds just put those heavy snow pieces one on top of the other. At the end of recess they ended up with an 8-10 ft. snowman or maybe it just felt like that cause they were all 3-4 ft. tall. 
  3. The third type of group was the “freeze tag players”. Here are the rules for freeze tag: it starts out with one person being “it” and everyone else has to run, then the people running would try not to get tagged, but when they did get tagged they had to stop in the position they were in and remain “frozen”, until an “unfrozen” team mate would come back and tag/unfreeze you.

Who remembers that once in a blue moon opportunity to have recess inside? There would be an electronics day, board game day, read in silence day, or get caught up on homework day. Inside-recess was the constant back and forth between work time, board games, heads up seven up, 4 corners, and any other games that can easily be played inside. 

Finally the Christmas choir spent an entire month waking up at the break of dawn. When learning these songs there was a sense of community. Nothing felt more relieving than when performance day came around. Matching shirts and little Santa hats were worn for the performance too. My Mom Leslie Lovato said- “I remember feeling like such a grinch until those performances, but when I was watching you up there I just felt like ‘there you are Christmas.’”

A walk through the past, childhood memories, laughter, and frozen feet. 

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