What is the Biggest risk you have ever taken?

Kord Holmes and Preston Jenkins
10th grade

“We snuck out and put seven people in a corolla S. we had five people in the back seat and one in the trunk. Then we took sharp corners to mess with our friends.”

Adriana Harper
11th grade

“There was this one time my sister had a snake and she would just let it go out and around the house. And it got under my bed and her arms were too small so I had to grab the snake from under my bed.”

Boon Malone
10th grade

“So I guess the biggest risk I have taken was walking through an abandoned house. I saw some inappropriate stuff. I was just curious and I went by myself. It was pretty cool there was a tree growing in the center of the house.”

Aspen Beasly

“I was speeding and I hit a parked car, I was trying to go to Savers before it closed. I was pulling out of my driveway, and there were cars all around because my step dad is a mechanic. I accidentally hit a white car… and my car was fine… but the other car wasn’t.”

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