Fun Food Friday

At Fremont we don’t have to wait until pigs fly, because our prostart students are serving a variety of treats, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. 

This weekly event, put on completely by Fremont Students, has become a favorite among the student body. 

According to Mrs. Wilson, the current advisor of the Prostart course, “We have been doing fun food Friday for six years.” 

Prostart, the course that gets this event rolling, is a course designed to not only prepare, but to entice students to join the food industry. Fun Food Friday is essentially a recurring project that puts coursework into action, and challenges students in many ways. 

The process of running Fun Food Friday is a simple, yet challenging process. It starts out with finding a recipe that will appeal to the student body, but the recipe could be a double edged sword because every serving must be under one dollar in cost to make profit, but still keep the food affordable for students. This puts Prostart students in a hard spot, because if the recipe is cheaper, it could lead to less students purchasing the product, but if it is too expensive per serving they will lose money. 

After the recipe is found and priced out, the students must test it out. This part of the process could make it or break it. If the recipe works out perfectly the students are in the clear, but if the recipe fails or is not as good as expected, the students must modify and test a new version of the recipe. This often calls for ingredients to be removed from the recipe or added, which the students must work into the budgeting process. 

Finally, after this is all done, the students prepare and cook the recipe on Friday and serve it to the student body . This is one of the easiest parts of the process because all of that tedious preparation  is starting to pay off. 

The Prostart students go out into the commons during both lunches and sell to the student body. The way the students present themselves could determine whether or not they make a large profit margin or if they break even. 

Mrs Wilson adds, “We have done savory things that have been very popular like pretzel bites, grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup, they seem to be very popular as well as a lot of the sweet things such as the oreo pudding cups, peanut butter bars, pumpkin bars are usually pretty popular.”

Photo Credit: Natalie Wilson
Fun Food Friday Display Booth
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