Club’s at Fremont

Fremont has many clubs available to student but some are unrecognized or even inactive.


The ffa also known as future farmers of America is both in class club and outside of school activities. Their main focus is on agriculture, animal science, trades of merchandise, plant science and general history of agriculture. They have fun activities you can participate in everyday. The atmosphere is lively, competitive, light hearted and a great community. This would be a great club for you if you’re interested in farming, mechanics, animal biology and marketing.


Future Business Leader of America is a great club for anyone who wants to do any type of marketing or business, and it leads to great scholarship opportunities. FBLA competes in 4 business competitions in Academics and in Leader performance. If they win regional they get to have a competition in another state. This club meet’s once a month is always looking forward to more member’s

Book club

This club is atypical of most book clubs to choose a genre to read and you can read any book in this genre. Instead of a more typical we-all-read-the-same-book club,  They meet once a month in person, but have a google classroom where they meet and chat to share their book with the group. You would be good for this club if you love reading and sharing, or if you want to improve your reading skill and need a small push! Don’t worry.  If you join later, there are always new members and this club run’s from the beginning of the school year to the end.


Health Occupation Student Association, also known as Operation Smile, this club is great for individuals who want to work in the medical field like nursing or being a doctor. This group mainly focused on learning more about health occupations.  


This club work’s in marketing and compete’s in many competitions including state and regional.  It runs very closely like FBLA. Deca focuses more on the marketing aspect than learning about how to manage people. This club provides multiple opportunities for future scholarships.


A club for people who love singing, dancing, acting.They do two different performances every year. They have rehearsal Wednesday morning . If you want to be a part of a drama club there are many roles you can audition for or you can be part of stage setup.


National Honor Society is a club to recognize students with outstanding academic achievement.  This club leads to scholarships helping you participate in your community more. They host many events and socials for this club. They are always taking new students as long as you meet the requirements and have a gpa above 3.5.

Strategy Games

A club dedicated to teaching and playing strategy games. The club was started from Mr. Watkins and Mr. Hugie’s gaming flex classes, and when students initiated tournaments and events, the flex class was upgraded to a club. 

It began as a chess club but has since become a club for “any game that requires thinking, any game that requires someone to come up with a strategy.” Mr. Hugie, the club advisor, explains. The club hosts in school tournaments for “anyone who’s interested in playing the games.” 

Tournaments occur about every two months and the current tournament is with Magic the Gathering. Anyone interested is welcome to join, and if you don’t know how to play a game club members, or the advisor will teach you. 

“In fact,” Mr. Hugie states, “several of the games we’ve done we’ve taught people to play.” 

If you enjoy strategy and strategy games, or are curious about the club, talk to Mr. Hugie, or the office about joining.

“Please keep in mind that these are only a few you may be interested in at fremont. If you go to you can look and learn about many of the other club’s that are offered here.”

Dead Clubs

Due to Covid 19, many clubs have become inactive. Clubs exist for students and if students don’t join, the club goes dormant. Fortunately, the only thing necessary to reactivate a club is student interest. 

Fremont’s website has a list of clubs that exist/ have existed at Fremont before, so if you’re looking to join a club check out the website. If a group you want to join isn’t listed on the website, it’s also possible to create a club. All the requirements to start a club are again listed on the website.

An incomplete list of clubs that have existed at Fremont, but have become inactive include: 

  • Poetry Club, 
  • A Ski and Snowboarding Group, 
  • a Gay/Straight Alliance Club, 
  • The Clay Crew (this club is now an AP Ceramics class), 
  • A Science Club, 
  • and many others.

If any of the above clubs sound interesting, contact the listed advisors on Fremont’s Website about restarting the clubs. Or feel free to create a new club about a personal interest, and find a teacher to be the club advisor.

Some clubs would be considered classes more than clubs, like Clay Crew. Other clubs similar to this are Paw Print, the school newspaper; Yearbook, and Debate. Other listed clubs are comparable to sports teams, for example Cheerleaders, Color Guard, Dance Co., Silverline, and the Mountain Biking Team.

Consider joining, or starting, a club at Fremont High. Clubs allow you to meet new people, gain new skills, and have fun, new experiences. Plus, club membership looks great on college applications.

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