Horror Fashion

With fall in full swing, fashion based on your favorite scary movies is the right move.

Starting with a fit inspired by American Horror Story (Can you guess which season?) , the classic maxi skirt and tank top combo gives off all the 70s-esq fall vibes one could wish for. Record collectors, coffee shop lovers, and bookworms unite, because fall is truly your season. Pull out your docs, a corset, and your favorite wide brimmed hat to complete this wonderful witchy look.

If skirts aren’t really your thing, Fear Street’s aesthetic might be a better choice. In 2021, 90s style dad jeans are the way to go, the baggier the better! Muted, earthy tones are what make this style great, but any flannel and band tee combo will fit in with the Fear Street Vibes. This look is great for any football game, trip to the arcade, or outdoor concert, because it looks swag, while keeping a jacket around incase of cool weather.

Last but not least, Scream emulates what’s trending now, while staying true to what was killer in the 90s. So put on the pixies and get that grunge look going. With your favorite fall sweater, a leather skirt, and some doc martens to pull the outfit together, you should be so in style even Ghostface would have to take a double look. Luckily, there’s no brick phones in the way to ruin your fit.

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