Tik Tok Trends 2021

Between October 2020 and October 2021, Tik Tok has cycled through all sorts of popular songs and trends. This list however, consists of the best of the best.

2020 Top Trends and Audios


1. Little Dark Age 

This MGMT song defined Tiktok in October 2020. The song’s synth style beat conveyed a dark energy while keeping the song upbeat enough to maintain a trend. Similarly to other trending songs, Tiktoks made with this audio used the “Time Warp Scan” filter to make themselves look like devils. Additionally, the audio was used while tiktokers replicated the painting “Fallen Angel” by Alexandre Cabanel.

2.  Mother Mother 

When it comes to Mother Mother, there is no single song that defines Tik Tok from October 2020. Their songs, Arms Tonite, Verbatim, Hayloft, Burning Pile, and Oh Ana, all were trending during this time. Mother Mother’s quirky and raw sounding music made their songs catchy and desirable for dancing and for edits as well.

3.  WAP

Now… when it comes to WAP… it’s gonna be difficult to park that big Mack truck right in this little garage. Without being too explicit, the well known trend involved the WAP dance. Tiktokers big and small all participated in this trend, and the song infested every For You page. 

4.  money machine 100 gecs

Like Mother Mother’s music, 100 Gecs songs fit right in with the oversaturated, “not like other girls” trends of Tiktok in October 2020. However, Money Machine was the most defining Gecs song that month. Money Machine was used with fit checks, dances, and almost every type of video.

5.  E girls are ruining my life / corpse 

Now when it comes to Corpse, the song E-Girls are Ruining my Life was used for just about all things Tik Tok. From making Among Us Cosplays (I know- it’s cringey), to skating videos, content creators used this song for just about everything. The App’s culture was inspired by this song, and ones like it in October 2020.


1. Subway surfers, Shane Dawson

After the longtime Youtuber Shane Dawson was cancelled, tiktokers used his song Check me out (Crazy Pink Wig), to mock him for his problematic actions. This song was popularly paired with Subway Surfer Playthroughs, and storytimes.

2.  Ghosts Dressing up

Using the Song Oh Klahoma, by Jack Stauber, tiktokers got into the Halloween spirit in October 2020. They dressed up as classic ghosts, using sheets, glasses, and other accessories to make festive photo shoots. 

3.  Potential Breakup Song Moms

In the height of fall quarantine, a group of moms carried Tik Tok on their backs for a short time. The moms sang along to “Potential Breakup Song” by Aly and AJ, and blew up because many tiktokers gained an attachment to the motherly figures. Parodies were made of the video, and viewers related each mom to a food, phone case, or other object.

4.  Clone High JFK

Referencing the early 2000s TV show, tiktokers popularised Clone High through the comical character, John F. Kennedy. Videos were made with the series’ song, Higher and Higher, or more specifically the lyrics, “Watch me, Hold me, Sign my cast for me, wheel me.” 

5.  Hot willy wonka 

@Willywonkatiktok, or Duke Depp of Salt Lake City, took a red cloak and some dollar store glasses, and made an iconic Willy Wonka costume that defined October 2020. The tiktoker posted videos that objectively ruined the childhood film, and used the phrase “You’re a bad nut” to address viewers.

2021 Trends and Audios


1.  Berries and Cream

Take any song out there and there is bound to be a Berries and Cream Remix. This song, which is from a 2007 Starburst Commercial,  sparked a trend based on replicating the “Little Lad Dance” and singing about berries and cream. However, a week or so into the trend, Tiktokers started making remixes of the audio with songs like, 

2.  Oh no our table 

“Oh no! Our table! It’s broken!” This trend started as a straight faced contest where tiktokers had to mouth the words alongside the audio, without laughing. This part of the trend was short lived, and replaced by tiktokers showing off their broken items and how they were broken.

3.  Killer is Escaping

This American Horror Story sourced audio became popularized through “POV” Tik Toks. Creators use the audio, “Help! He’s escaping! The killer is escaping! Help me!” alongside a POV that defines their acting. An example of this would be “POV: the killer is escaping but, your crush is watching.”

4.  good soup

This phrase from Adam Driver has been used to show off weird food, convey childhood memories, and showcase pets doing silly things. The audio has spread far beyond those limits, but the best videos tend to describe childish concoctions. An example of this would be “7 year old me mixing water, grass and dirt in a pot.”

5.  Somebody’s watching – Rockwell

“I’m just an average man– with an average life– I work from nine to five, hey, hell, I pay the price” This classic song is currently being used by Tiktokers to show off their halloween costumes. More creative users use the sound in cinematic videos.


1.  Devious Lick

This Fall, Highschoolers all around the country hit the most ultimate devious licks. To the dismay of administrators, parents, and other adults, even the most brutal punishments caused no halt in the trend. Most commonly, Licks were paired with a sped up version of the song Ski Ski Basedgod, by Lil B.

2.  No Bones 

This trend acts like a horoscope type prediction, made by a 13 year old pug named noodle. User @jongraz picks up his dog every morning,  and sees if he will stand up, or lay down. Users use this dog’s actions as a fun way to predict how their days will go.

3.  Rick and Morty 

“Rick and Morty, Rick and Morty (Yeah) Rick and Morty, Rick and Morty Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick” Rick and Morty by Soulja Boy has become the new way of begging someone for something. Tiktok users sing the song endlessly in an attempt to get their way.

4.  Linda and Heather

This dance type trend uses a song from the TV show Liv and Maddie. Best Friends, couples, relatives, and other duos dance to this song, and end the number with an aesthetically pleasing heart formation. 

5.  Mordetwi

Mordecai and Twilight Sparkle, Tik Tok’s favorite ship originated with a  Microsoft Paint drawing of the two sitting back to back, and singing the song “Airplanes” by Hayley Williams and B.o.B. Tiktokers, who grew to associate the song with the ship, began to make videos of purple and blue (The colors of Mordecai and Twilight) next to each other, with the song playing in the background. The ship name Mordetwi was added later.

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